sunmile SM G50 review

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Do you want an affordable, portable and high performing meat grinder? The sunmile SM G50 is designed to give you favor in the kitchen.

It comes with numerous features all meant to offers duty and heavy meat grinding.

A combination of die-cast metal hopper and a powerful 350 Watts motor will ensure the job is done fast.

sunmile SM G50 allows you to grind large portions of meat so you can store some in the fridge to avoid running to the kiosk frequently.

The entire unit is built to last for long without rusting or even breaking. Forget your hard-to-operate meat grinder!

This machine is simple to operate and doesn’t compromise the quality of your meat.

It comes with all the required accessories for instant meat grinding; thus, you won’t be required to do any additional purchase.

Above all, it meets all international health and safety standards like the UL. Here is the sunmile SM G50 review.


To whom is This Product Designed for?

It is a highly versatile meat grinding machine that can be applied in different places. So it is perfect for;

  • Chefs
  • Housewives


Features of sunmile SM G50


The sunmile SM G50 caught my attention due to its portability and ergonomic nature. However, there are numerous features that make this machine worth. Let’s look at the other outstanding features of this machine.


Four Operations Switch (On/Off /Reset/ Reverse Switch)

Four Operations SwitchMost meat grinders have a switch with two operations; on/off while others have three functions on/off/reverse.

However, this machine surpasses all the ordinary models since it has a four operational switch (On/Off /Reset/ Reverse).

This multi-function switch ensures you get maximum output in your meat processing.

Also, the reverse function prevents the machine from jamming by eliminating all the meat debris that is left in the system.

It also features a circuit breaker that prevents accidents in the case for power issues.


350 Watts Rating

350 Watts RatingMeat grinding has never been this enjoyable and simple! You will appreciate the 350 watts rating; the maximum power rating is 1000 watts.

t features a high power motor that allows you to grind up to 200 lbs per hour.

Most common meat grinder offers a grinding speed of about 150 lbs, so with this meat grinder, you will be on the edge!

If you are late, or you just want to do your meat processing fast, this machine will not let you down!


Aluminum and Steel Accessories for Durability

Aluminum and Steel Accessories for DurabilityWe all want a product that will last for long to avoid constant expenditure. Then why not try this meat grinder?

It includes aluminum and steel accessories to prevent rusting and ensure durability.

These accessories include die-cast aluminum head, aluminum meat tray. Additionally, it comes with steel cutting plates.

All these accessories will ensure you use this meat grinder for a long time even with extended use.

I can’t fail to mention that this meat grinder features a steel coat that enhances durability while giving it an ergonomic appearance.


Complete Set of Accessories

The Sunmile SM G50 comes with a complete set of accessories ready for instant meat grinding. You will simply connect the components and start processing your meat.

I realized the pack contained

  •  1 stainless steel cutting blade
  • 3 different stainless steel cutting plates
  • 3 various sausage attachment, and
  • 1 plastic food pusher.


If you love sausages like I do, this machine will be very useful. All the accessories are washable to ensure a clean and healthy meat processing.

A dishwasher is not even necessary; you can simply use ordinary soap and hot water.



  • This machine has a circuit breaker to enhance safety and prevent machine damage.
  • It is highly durable
  • This meat grinder a powerful motor for fast and detailed grinding.
  • sunmile SM G50 has metallic gears.


  • It doesn’t come with the warranty.
  • The meat tray is slightly small.




Is sunmile SM G50 hard to clean?
No. You can wash it using ordinary soap and hot water.

Can it take an input of 200v?
No. It has a maximum input of 100v

Are the gears made of steel?
Yes. They are not like in other machines that use plastic.


Final Verdict

The Sunmile SM G50 is one of the best meat grinder for both home use and chefs. It has a super powerful motor that can process up to 200 lbs per hour and hence perfect for extended.

The portability nature allows you to move it to different rooms for convenient meat grinding. If you want a safe and internationally approved grinder, this machine may be your choice.

UL approves it and it has a circuit breaker to enhance safety. All these amazing factors don’t come at an exaggerated price; in fact, this meat grinder is one of the most affordable units in the market.

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