STX 1800 MG review

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Every meat processing should be an enjoyable activity! But you can’t enjoy if you don’t have the right meat grinding machine!

The STX 1800 MG is an exceptional meat grinder that is designed to boost your experience.

It comes with a pleasing stainless steel housing that also enhances its durability. Unlike the Waring Pro MG855, this machine doesn’t overheat because it has an incredible air cooling system.

This electric meat grinder comes with great accessories that make your meat processing simple and fast.

It features 12 inches aluminum grinding head, 3 steel grinding plates and 3 cutting steel plates.

What makes this grinder worth? Here is the STX 1800 MG review


To whom is This Product Designed for?

Who can use this meat grinder?  Due to its versatility, it is perfect for

  • Homemakers/Housewives
  • Chefs


Features of STX 1800 MG


It has a maximum output of 1800 watts giving you a powerful grinding. With a guarantee of 3 years, you are sure to get more from this meat grinder.

This versatile machine proves to be useful than all the previous brands. The outstanding features of  STX 1800 MG are as follows:


12-Inches Cast Aluminum Grinding Head

12-Inches Cast Aluminum Grinding HeadIt comes with a size 12 grinding head that features a 2 1/8 inches aluminum meat pan with a hopper.

This large pan enables large pieces of meat to be fed to the grinding plates; thus, reducing the preparation process.

The grinding head is made of 100% aluminum, and it’s not coated like in other grinders.

The manufacturer advice users not to wash these components in a dishwasher; I found hot water and mild detergent very useful when cleaning them.

Ensure you dry these parts before placing them back in the grinder, I use a dry towel.


3 Steel Grinding Plates

3 Steel Grinding PlatesThis meat grinder features 3 steel grinding plates; fine, medium and coarse. The plates are 2 5/8 Inches to allow large output.

The large plate is used for coarse grinding, the medium plate with ¼-inch diameter holes can be used for sausage meat while the fine grinding plate with 5/32-inch diameter holes can be used to grind meat for soup.

To ensure the plates offer excellent performance, always coat them with food grade oil after drying them. This act also lengthens their life.


Excellent Cooling System

Excellent Cooling SystemMost people complain of grinders that overheat compromising the motor and the result is loud noise when grinding. I have used such a grinder before, and it was really stressing me.

However, the STX 1800 MG Electric Meat Grinder features an incredible cooling system to ensure the motor functions smoothly. The cooling system also eliminates any chances of noise when processing your meat.

With the 3000 watts motor and effective cooling, you will grind more and more meat without any pressure. It is perfect for people who love quite meat processing environments.


Three speeds

Three speedsThe STX 1800 MG comes with 3 speeds; High, Low, Reverse. You can determine if you want to grind your meat fast with the high speed or slow with the low speed.

Both the low and high speeds offer detailed grinding although, I have found the low speed great in producing high yields.

The reverse speed is mainly used to prevent the machine from jamming. This meat grinder also comes equipped with a circuit breaker that is meant for the safety of the machine and the user.


Tomato Juicer Attachments and Accessories

Tomato Juicer Attachments and AccessoriesThis meat grinder is very versatile. You probably have used meat grinders that allow you to grind vegetables, but you may not have used a grinder that can produce juice!

The STX 1800 MG features tomato juicer attachment so you can make some fresh juice for your family.

Additionally, it comes with 3 sausage tubes of different diameters; 3/4 Inches, 5/8 Inches, and 1/2 Inches.

Thus, you will be able to produce professional homemade sausages to enhance your diet.



  • Three speeds for effective grinding
  • Tomato juicer attachments
  • 12-inches grind head
  • Three grind plates


  • It is slightly heavyweight
  • The sausage attachments are made of plastic.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does STX 1800 MG have plastic gears?
No. The gears are made of carbon steel.
Can this grinder be used to grind bones?
You can use it only for small soft bones, but it is perfect for tough meat.


Final Verdict

The STX 1800 MG is designed for both home and commercial use since it has large output and offers fast grind.

This meat grinder is great since it comes with different sausage attachments to ensure you produce great meals for the whole family.

Also, it has juicer attachments allowing you to produce fresh juice at home.

With a 12-inches grinding head, this grinder provides detailed grinding for tough meat and soft bones. It is built to last since it has steel gears and aluminum attachments.


I think this electric meat grinder is great to purchase because it has an effective cooling system.

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  1. I don’t see high and low speed on the STX 1800 Magnum. I see on/off, and reverse. Am I missing some instructions? I appreciate your review above, and the addition of using food grade oil to store the plates and extend their lifespan. Thank you. 🙂

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