Meat Slicing Safety Tips

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Meat slicers were common appliances in the commercial setting. However, over the past years, these tools have found ways into thousands of homes. Meat slicers added more convenience to the kitchen.

Despite the benefits associated with meat slicers, the use of high-speed rotating blades which means they can be deadly when handled without proper caution. Whether you are a professional chef, a meat slicer pro or a beginner.

Always exercise maximum caution by adhering to the following meat slicing safety tips when using this tool:


Read and Understand the Instructions/User’s Manual

This is where you should begin after purchasing any meat slicer appliance regardless of the perceived level of complexity or simplicity associated with the tool.

The instruction’s manual contains specific safety precautions that you may not be familiar with. You will not only learn how to use the meat slicer machine as intended by the manufacturer but also familiarize yourself with a few tips on avoiding accidents.

Additionally, you will be in a better position to protect your slicer and prevent devoiding the warranty.


Focus on Slicing Food Alone

Focus all your entire attention on the slicer to avoid cuts. Never ever engage yourself in a conversation, make a call or do any other destructive task when using a meat slicer.

If you can’t avoid doing any of the above, switch off the slicer first and proceed after you are done doing the whatever. The blades will not slow down just because you diverted your attention.


Always Wear Cut-Resistant Gloves before Using the Slicer

Wear cut-resistant gloves to protect your hands from cuts. In addition to protecting yourself, gloves enhance hygiene.

That is why in most commercial settings, only those aged above 18 years of age are allowed to use a meat slicer. Gloves should also be put on when cleaning or running a maintenance practice.


Don’t Dare Push Food With Own Hands

You should not, at any time bring your hands into contact with the rotating blades. When pushing food, use a pusher or a tamper and not your own hands.

Additionally, do not reach your arm or hands across the blades. Any contact between the blades and the hand could result in severe injuries.


Avoid Manual Sharpening of the Blades

Most injuries that are caused by a meat slicer either occur when one is cleaning or sharpening the unit. This does not in any way mean you will never sharpen your blades, no.

Instead of manually sharpening the blades use an automatic blade sharpener in order to avoid injuries.


Clean the Right Way

At the end of every cleaning session, always turn off the meat slicer machine and adjust the blade settings to zero. For models with lockable blades kindly do so.

This will protect the next person to use or clean the unit. Do not dip the blades into the dishwasher as somebody else may put hands in there and suffer from blade cuts.

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