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How to Use Masticating Juicer : How To Guide

How to Use Masticating Juicer : How To Guide

Do you know How to Use Masticating Juicer? It’s really easy to use a masticating juicer. Just read our guidelines which will help you to know more.

Masticating means chewing. A masticating machine is a handy kitchen appliance that extracts juice from fruits and vegetables by slowly crushing and pressing the ingredients.

Utilizing a dual-stage juice extraction technology, this machine passes pulp through a shaft of screw where the juice is separated from the dry pulp.

Using a best masticating juicer is the simplest. You need to understand the purpose of the various parts of a masticating juicer.


  • Feed Chute

The tube through which one feeds ingredients into the machine

  • Pusher

The tool that presses the ingredients down the feed chute

  • Bowl

Ejects the dry pulp

  • Auger

Contains crushing ribs that chop and press ingredients extracting juice

  • Strainer

Restrains the ingredients being crushed so as to optimize juice yield

  • Base/Motor

This is the major part of the unit. It houses the motor and the circuitry. Rotates the auger

  • Auto cleaning brush

Filters and cleans the actual juice

  • Pulp and juice containers

Collects pulp and juice respectively


  • Begin by cleaning your working area and having all the ingredients.
  • If your machine was disassembled earlier on assemble the parts
  • Depending on the size of your feed chute, cut the vegetables, fruits and any other ingredient to the appropriate size.
  • Ensure that the pulp and juice containers are at their appropriate place
  • Power on the machine
  • Drop the ingredients through the feed chute. If the machine doesn’t pull in the fruits and vegetables utilize the pusher.
  • Collect your juice and pulp
  • Finish by disassembling the machine parts and cleaning them. Some machines have the “automatic clean” function thus makes the entire cleanup a breeze.



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