Best Sausage Stuffer To Buy | Ultimate Guide and Reviews

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The art of making sausages at home is usually enjoyable if you own a sausage stuffer. With the best sausage stuffer, you will get significant results each time.

To make your sausage stuffing quick and straightforward, you need a Sausage Stuffer.  Even if you are a hunter, you can use a manual sausage stuffer to improve the quality of your catch.

If you are a sausage enthusiast, you will find these units very useful in making custom sausages from the comfort of your home.

LEM Products 5 Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer

LEM Products 5 Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer

Stuffing your sausages with the LEM Products 5 Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer will be enjoyable and straightforward. It features a stainless steel base for stability and all metal gears for smooth operation.

You can clamp this stuffer to countertop or table and crank out your sausage conveniently. Three stuffing tubes are meant to suit your meat processing needs. The stuffing tubes include ½-inch, ¾-inch, and 1-inch.

Removable cylinder allows you a simple filling and cleaning. Hence, you will not have a hard time when stuffing or cleaning the unit. A plastic piston features a handy air-release valve to prevent air from getting into the casing and sausage.


Why people love this stuffer

  • Fast stuffing

You can stuff a significant amount of meat within minutes.

  • Sturdy construction

It has all metal gears and stainless steel base for durability.

  • Simple cleaning and filling

This unit features a removable cylinder that allows for quick filling and cleaning.


The weakness of this stuffer

  • The plastic piston may not last for lengthy although it has an air-release valve.
  • Few options when it comes to stuffing tubes, comparable models come with four stuffing tubes.

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VIVO Vertical Sausage Stuffer

VIVO Vertical Sausage Stuffer

The Vivo vertical sausage stuffer is a simple to use a unit designed to make your stuffing quick and easy. The significant features of this unit aim at offering satisfactory results each time. All metal gears and piston ensure that meat cranks through easily. Its cylinder tilts back for simple, convenient filling.

It relieves you the stress of refilling when you want to stuff your sausages. The piston features an air release valve that allows air to escape to prevent air in your sausages.

The stainless steel cylinder makes this unit durable to offer you a long time of enjoyable sausage making. A stable metal base enables this unit to sand firm on the countertop.

It comes with plastic nozzles of different sizes to suit custom stuffing. The nozzles include 0.4-inch, 0.79-inch, 1.18-inch, and 1.57-inch. You can choose between 3L single gear or 3L dual gear. Hence, you have an option of processing 5 – 7 pounds of meat.


Why people love this stuffer

  • Stainless components and metal gears

These accessories make the unit long-lasting while offering convenience in meat stuffing.

  • Air release valve

It prevents air from getting into your sausages for uniform stuffing.

  • Simple to clean

The components of this stuffer are easy to clean which gives an easy time after stuffing your meat.

The Weakness of this stuffer

The plastic stuffing tubes may not be long lasting, and they also require washing after every use.

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Hakka Vertical Sausage Stuffer


Hakka Vertical Sausage Stuffer

The Hakka Vertical Sausage Stuffer offers you smooth stuffing and exceptional control over the output of your meat into casings. Featuring two fill rates system, this stuffer is easy to use and stuffs quickly. The two-speed operation is meant to fasten the process while making it smooth.

All components that contact meat directly meet SGS food hygiene standard so you will not have cases of food contamination. Four different diameter S/S nozzles you suit your specific needs.

You can stuff your meat using 16 mm, 22 mm, 32 mm or 38 mm stuffing nozzles. All these features aim at making your sausage preparation straightforward and straightforward.

A redesigned frame ensures stability on the countertop or table. The structure also aligns the piston inside the meat cylinder to minimize O-ring friction when making your sausages.

Stainless steel frame and base ensure safe, sanitary meat processing. You can mount the plate on any surface for simple stuffing.


Why people love this stuffer

  • Four different stuffing tubes

They meet diverse meat stuffing needs.

  •  2 Speed and metal gears

Hakka Vertical Sausage Stuffer ensures fast and easy meat processing. SGS food hygiene standard provides you process sausages that are free from contamination.


The Weakness of this stuffer

  • A massive elbow at the bottom traps some meat during the processing process.
  • The unit is relatively costly.


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Hakka Horzontal Sausage Stuffer

Hakka Horzontal Sausage Stuffer

Do you require a functional horizontal sausage stuffer? The Hakka Horizontal sausage stuffer may be an excellent choice.  The horizontal design adapts to a high-platform operation and offers you excellent results.

For smooth and quick stuffing, this unit features two speeds. Two filling rates system is also meant to make your meat stuffing fast and smooth.

You will realize that this stuffer is simple to use whether at home or café kitchen. It even meets SGS standards, so you are sure of quality results using a unit sensitive to hygiene.

This stuffer comes with four different stuffing tubes to meet your meat stuffing needs. The nozzles include 2/3-inch, 5/8-inch, 1-1/4-inch, and 1-1/2-inch. The cylinder tilts back for convenient filling.

A metal piston features an air release valve allowing air to escape up instead of passing into the sausage casing. The advanced design offers years of trouble-free operation.


Why people love this stuffer

  • Pressure release valve

It prevents air from getting into your sausages.

  • Stainless steel frame

This feature ensures the unit is firm on the counter or table when processing your meat.

  • Appreciable capacity

Allows you to stuff a significant amount of meat at once.


The weakness of this stuffer

  • It doesn’t have a reverse lock.
  • A bit expensive.

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  • Question: What is the best-sliced meat to make sausages?

Answer: Most stuffers use either NY style picnic or pork shoulder. A blade roast is good


  • Question: Ideal blade size for grinding meat to be used in making sausage?

Answer: We recommend coarse pieces for an ordinary sausage such as the Italian.  In wieners sausage, you can use the delicate pieces.


  • Question: What amount of fat is needed?

Answer: It is expected that fat keeps the sausage juicy. It is an individual taste but it is difficult to quantify a rate.

If you find that your sausage is overly skinny, you can choose another meat type. For something like venison, fat should be included.


  • Question: Why is my sausage loose?

Answer: Loose sausage comes about if not filled with enough meat and the packaging is not clogged to evacuate the air


  • Question: My sausage is, after all, a nice mush, why?

Answer: Your meat could be too warm. It should be kept consistently in the fridge if it is not handled.


  • Question: Is there an approach to get the packaging to come off easier?

Answer: You can wrap it with vegetable oil or some fat. This facilitates the donning and the removal.


Types of sausage stuffers


You have prepared your mincemeat. Now, you are ready to make your sausage. In most cases, you will pick the following types of sausage stuffers:


1. Horn sausage stuffer

Horn stuffers are only applicable in manual models. This kind of sausage stuffer is made of solid metal, and solid metal is. In any case, some hardened steel models are currently available.

Horn stuffers are mostly for individuals who want to start making their sausage or for persons who could form smaller groups. The limits go from 3 to 5 pounds of sausage.


2. Horizontal sausage stuffer

Horizontal stuffers are either manual or electrically models and have a large cylinder to hold the prepared minced meat, which is mounted horizontally.

The stuffer ejects the meat to the chamber when you turn the wrench at the opposite end of the barrel or turn on the electric motor.

One small drawback manually adjusted in this type of sausage stuffer.  And, it helps the unit to be brought close to the edge of a table or counter.

Thus the aim of the hand key hanging over the side to give it enough freedom of movement. The sausage limit of horizontal units ranges from 5 to 20 pounds.


3. Vertical sausage stuffer

Learners and experts prefer vertical sausage stuffers over horizontal and horn fillers. As with horizontal sausage stuffer, there are vertical fillers in both manual and automatic models.

Electric vertical models are a usually larger limit, business review units. Vertical sausage stuffers also use a large cylinder to hold the prepared minced meat, but the stuffing chamber is mounted vertically. The limits of vertical stuffers rang fall between five to fifteen pounds.


How We Select Best One


Selecting the best sausage stuffer might be a change when you are purchasing the unit for the first time. You can compare different groups, check their strengths and weakness.

This process will help you get a stuffer that will suit your needs. In this review, we present the best a peer guide for the best sausage stuffers on the market to help you make the right choice.


Things to consider when choosing a Best One


Size of the cylinder

Sausage stuffers feature a cylinder to hold the meat to be stuffed. The cylinders come in different sizes such as 5 pounds and 7 pounds.

The capacity of the cylinder determines the amount of meat you can at once. If you want to process a large amount of meat, you require a large capacity.


Included stuffing tubes

Stuffing tubes are meant to allow you stuff sausages of different sizes. Some sizes include 12-inch, ¾-inch, and 1-inch. You will want to choose a unit that comes with your desired stuffing tubes. A sausage stuffer that features several stuffing tubes offers you the chance to make sausages of different sizes.



Most sausage stuffers feature stainless steel base and all metal gears. However, some models come with plastic gears.

While some sausage stuffers feature stainless steel stuffing tubes, others have plastic tubes. You will want to purchase a model that has sturdy construction to ensure you use it for long.


The base

The base determines where you can use the sausage stuffer. Some bases can be clamped to any table and countertops. Also, some bases feature clamps for stability. Nevertheless, a base that lack clamps can be used on any surface without any stress.



You may want to consider the price of a sure sausage stuffer before making a choice. Even though the price should not be the only guiding factor, the stuffer should be within your budget.

When choosing the best sausage stuffer, remember that costly brands do not mean that they are of high-quality. Some cheap stuffers tend to perform better than the expensive unit.


Who needs a sausage stuffer?

A sausage stuffer is ideal for all sausage lovers who want to process meat at home. Hunters can still use a sausage stuffer to improve the quality of their catch. Also, chefs require sausage stuffers to produce quality sausages.


How to use Sausage Stuffer

Regardless of the type of stuffer you choose, the means of using it are almost the same. Before you begin to move the sausage casings more productively, wipe the fill tube with a paper towel soaked in some vegetable oil.

To prevent sausage from squeezing out the opposite end of the package, you should use a preventer. Part of the more well-known techniques involves tying the tail to the tether, using a hoarding ring or tying a bundle in the package itself.

Nonetheless, this will waste one length of the package. Next, some air vents are pushed to the end of the package using a sausage pusher to allow any air trapped in the package to escape.

While you stuff the sausage, you will perform two capacities. The first controls the hand key or the electric switch on the filler. This progress determines the speed and flow of sausage through the machine.

The second option is to see how the sausage stuffs the package to make sure it keeps moving, looking for trapped air and punching the packaging as expected to expel trapped air.

From this representation, you can probably tell, is much less demanding to have help, if you plan to stuff sausages. A footswitch could make the use of an electric sausage stuffer alone imaginable since the two hands can still watch the sausage pack when filling with minced meat.

When the meat runs through the machine, the sausage gets longer. You can pause and squeeze the package as your desired link length is reached. Turn the sausage a few times, and connect. Hold the filling up to the point where you will reach a different link length and repeat the process.

However, this time, turn the link the other way. Changing the course protects the contacts from unraveling. If you set them all in a similar way, each sausage link will leave the previous one.

Another strategy for stuffing is to fill the entire package and close at each end to form a long curl. You can store your sausage in a longer package, or you can now bend and sculpt in the curl.


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Final Verdict

If you love homemade sausages, a sausage stuffer is a good investment. However, you have to be keen to choose the best sausage stuffer for your meat processing needs.

When choosing a sausage stuffer, you will want to consider, the material, included stuffing tubes, the base, and cost.

We hope our peer guide and reviews will help you choose the best sausage stuffer. You can compare different units before making a choice.

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