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We have researched and reviewed Best Meat Tenderizer for your home’s kitchen. Hope, you will get the best one from our Meat Tenderizer reviews.

We all love tender, juicy meat but sometimes bought stake can be frustrating. You want to takes the shortest time possible to feel that the flavor of a piece of meat melting in your mouth.

However, when you happen to be the unlucky one or buy less expensive steak that is far from being tender, but there is always a solution.

The cheap alternative to making your steak tender is the meat tenderizer. It is a handy kitchen appliance that is fun to use and turns cheap steak into great flavorful marinated steak.

Do not worry anymore if the steak you buy has never been easy on your jaw. You are merely a step away from the solution.

In addition to making your meat tender, meat tenderizers minimize shrinkage of meat, improves flavor and more importantly makes it possible to cook your steak within the shortest time possible.

Before you think of anything else, you better read this review to the very end. There is so much to learn about meat tenderizers.

My Top Selection

Jaccard Supertendermatic 48-Blade Tenderizer

Jaccard Supertendermatic 48-Blade Tenderizer

Enjoy tender meat with the Jaccard Supertendermatic 48-Blade Tenderizer. It is a multi-blade hand-held tenderizer that knows how to turn less expensive meat into the flavorful and juicy meat.

Featuring penetrating knives, this unit uniquely creates tiny channels through which heat reaches all parts of the steak resulting to less cooking time and delicious quick serve.

If you want to reduce your cooking time by 40%, the Jaccard Supertendermatic tenderizer is the ultimate fix.  More incredible is the fact this machine increases absorption by 600% preventing undercooking and overcooking.

Get rid of shrinkage and spend less time in the kitchen with this unit.  Results are pleasing – Faster penetration of marinades and tender meat that neither loses its shape nor appearance.

This unit is ideal for any steak. You can use it on inexpensive beef, chicken, turkey, pork, venison, or veal.

Features of Jaccard Supertendermatic 48-Blade Tenderizer

  • 48-knives multi-blade for easy cut
  • Quality 301 stainless steel construction; double edge sharpness
  • No #1 choice of professional chefs that reduces cooking time by 40%
  • Handheld meat tenderizer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Is this tenderizer dishwasher safe?

Answer: Yes, it is dishwasher safe. You need to push the needles out and use hot soapy water for the cleanup

  • Question: Is it a must to tenderize both sides of the meat steak?

Answer: Yes, even professional chefs suggest doing so.

  • Question: Does this purchase include a protective cover and an original retail packaging?

Answer: Yes, it does.

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iPerfect Kitchen 56 Stainless Steel Blades Meat Tenderizer

iPerfect Kitchen 56 Stainless Steel Blades Meat Tenderizer

The iPerfect Kitchen 56 Stainless Steel Blades Meat Tenderizer is another incredible unit that is will convert the most robust and cheapest steak of meat into the juicy and flavorful meat.

Utilizing 56 ultra-sharp blades, you will see it comfortable and enjoyable breaking down the collagen meat fibers that increases cooking time.

It is the type of meat tenderizer that is strong to last long. High-quality materials are used to enhance durability. No more feeling pissed when cheap meat tries to tease your patience.

Just grab the iPerfect Kitchen 56 Stainless Steel Blades Meat Tenderizer and make all your beef, veal, chicken or pork steak into top-grade flavorful masterpieces. It is dishwasher safe and secure to use. Ergonomic design makes this unit an all kitchen appliance.

Whether an amateur chef or a professional, the iPerfect Kitchen 56 Stainless Steel Blades Meat Tenderizer will surely meet all your needs. Grab this unit and enjoy up to 40% shorter cooking time.

Features of iPerfect Kitchen 56 Stainless Steel Blades Meat Tenderizer

  • 56 ultra-sharp blades for a smooth cut
  • Features extra ebooks bonuses
  • Achieves up to 40% cooking time
  • Made of high-quality materials; stainless steel and ABS plastic

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Can I use this on chicken/pork?

Answer: Yes, you can use it on any steak.

  • Question: What material is used to make the blades?

Answer: It is stainless steel

  • Question: What is the purpose of the red rubber tool that comes with this purchase?

Answer: It is simply a bonus that can help you meat cutlets or veggies.

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JayDoll Meat Tenderizers

JayDoll Meat Tenderizers

Easy your cut with the professional commercial JayDoll Meat Tenderizers. Using penetrative knives, this unit creates tiny channels through which heat goes more rooted to the core. Plus, this tenderizer creates pathways for marinade absorption.

Apart from enjoying juicy, tender and flavorful meat, you will reduce your cooking time by up to 40%. Another incredible feature of this handheld meat tenderizer is the lock mechanism that gives this model a leg up among its competitors.

Never feel wasted when you arrive at home with some strong, inexpensive meat, with the professional commercial tenderizer in your kitchen, you can always turn every steak into tender, flavorful meat.

Other robust features include the protective plastic cover that ensures safe storage and a brush that makes cleaning the unit a breeze.

ABS plastics and stainless steel materials used guarantees longevity.  I highly recommend this unit to anyone looking for a 5-star meat tenderizing experience. Its performance is exceptional.

Features of JayDoll Meat Tenderizers

  • Professional and commercial-grade tenderizer
  • 56 stainless steel ultra-sharp blades
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of stainless steel and ABS plastic
  • Shortens cooking time by up to 40%

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: What is the length of the blades?

Answer: When folded it is about ½ inch long.

  • Question: How does one clean this unit? Is it easy to clean?

Answer: Cleaning is pretty simple. Wash it under the faucet and place it on top of your dishwasher for drying.

  • Question: Is this the appropriate tool to use in tenderizing cheaper cuts of meat?

Answer: Yes, this is the exact tool that tenderizes meat, chicken, pork and much more.

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Norpro 18/10 Stainless Steel Ultimate Meat Pounder Tenderizer

Norpro 18/10 Stainless Steel Ultimate Meat Pounder Tenderizer

If you are looking for a meat tenderizer that lets you have full control over the meat tenderizing process, then the Norpro 18/10 Stainless Steel Ultimate Meat Pounder Tenderizer is the ultimate solution.

Weighing 28 ounces, this unit pounds into a uniformly flat and tender steak kicking out all the tough fibers. Your cheap meat will be raw than ever.

Another plus is that you will achieve even and shorter cooking. Additionally, the Norpro comes with a Santoprene handle to easy usage. Cleaning this handheld unit is pretty simple and quick.

Overall, using this tenderizer is a snap. Want to make your chicken-fried steak or your inexpensive veal scallops flat and tender? Well, grab the Norpro tenderizer and turn disgusting into the most awesome flavorful and juicy meat.

Features of Norpro 18/10 Stainless Steel Ultimate Meat Pounder Tenderizer

  • Made of quality mirrored stainless steel over iron
  • Heavy enough for effortless use
  • Hand washing machine
  • Has Santoprene handle; comfortable grip

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Do you pound the meat or there is something else needed to make it tender?

Answer: Yes, you pound the meat up to the point where you get the desired thickness.

  • Question: It the handle of this unit made of cheap rubber or plastic?

Answer: It is made of high-quality hard plastic

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OXO SoftWorks Meat Tenderizer

OXO SoftWorks Meat Tenderizer

The OXO SoftWorks Meat Tenderizer is the most efficient fix when you want to turn thin meat cutlets into flavorful meat that is as tender as butter.

Featuring both flat and textured sides, this tenderizer is the most ideal for the job. If you are fond of cheap, tough beef, chicken, or pork, be a game changer with the OXO SoftWorks tenderizer.

Another robust feature that is worth mentioning is the ergonomic handle that enhances firm non-slip yet comfortable grip.

Plus, the surface of this tenderizer is textured for optimal use. Using this unit is also a breeze and cleaning is pretty quick given that the parts are dishwasher safe.

Features of OXO SoftWorks Meat Tenderizer

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Features a textured surface that optimizes usage
  • Ergonomic and well-contoured handle for the firm and comfortable grip
  • Easy to use and clean

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Is it possible to fit this unit into a full mouth canning jar?

Answer:  I may not precisely tell but the top measures 2.5” X 1.75”.

  • Question: Can I use this tenderizer for a mashing pot?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to do that given that this is a sturdy tenderizer.

  • Question: What is the weight of this tenderizer?

Answer: It is about 13.54 oz.

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OXO Good Grips Meat Tenderizer

OXO Good Grips Meat Tenderizer

It is another excellent alternative in the line of the best meat tenderizers that take the gold home. Performance excellence is always associated with the renowned OXO products.

Featuring a smooth surface and a textured side, this tenderizer makes the best option for pounding and tenderizing even the toughest meat cutlets. To enhance user comfort and safe use, this unit is equipped with a non-slip handle.

Even when your hands are wet, safety measures are in place.  You will appreciate the one-piece aluminum construction.

The OXO Good Grips Meat Tenderizer is a robust and reliable model that is built to last. Give this dual-purpose tool a trial, and you will be glad you made a move. Every single coin spent is worth this product.

Features of OXO Good Grips Meat Tenderizer

  • Non-slip ergonomic handle
  • One-piece aluminum construction
  • Smooth surface for exclusive pounding

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Question:  It is dishwasher safe?

Answer: Yes, it can definitely go into the dishwasher.

  • Question: Is it true that this tenderizer features a non-slip handle? Could it be a scam?

Answer: No, this isn’t a scam. The handle is made of high-quality materials designed to cushion impact and enhance comfort.

  • Question: Is this tenderizer magnetic?

Answer: No, it is not.

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Sportsman SM07492 Meat Tenderizer/Cuber

Sportsman SM07492 Meat Tenderizer/Cuber

The Sportsman SM07492 Meat Tenderizer/Cuber is an ideal choice when you plan to make the most out of cheaper cuts of meat.

It is the only tenderizer that will allow you to get rid of the tough collagen fibers without pounding a whole flank of steak.

You don’t want to be the folk that wakes up the neighbors while busy banging your steak of beef or whatever. Grab the Sportsman SM07492 and bring out the flavors that give you the best feel.

You can comfortably use this tenderizer on any piece of meat that is up to 1/2 –inch thick. It is made of cast iron and features a clamp-on design that allows one to attach the unit to a countertop or table.

Save several bucks spent on grocery bills and instead turn cheaper steaks into delicious meals with the Sportsman SM07492 meat tenderizer.

Features of Sportsman SM07492 Meat Tenderizer/Cuber

  • Clamp-on design allows mounting on tables or countertops
  • Cast-iron construction
  • Brings out the best flavors of your tough meat cutlets

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: It is clear that this machine handles steak up to ½ inch thick. What I love to know is how full a piece of beef it can comfortably tenderize?

Answer: Anything up to 4-inches will be pretty cool to be handled. With the guard on, anything above 4 inches is a little too wide.

  • Question:  Has anyone ever attempted this tenderizer on thicker chicken breasts

Answer: I have done that several times, In fact, this machine helps make your chicken breasts tender and flavorful.

  • Question:  Are the gears made of metal or plastic?

Answer: The gears are made of high-quality plastic while the rollers are metallic.

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Jaccard Simply Better Meat Tenderizer

Jaccard Simply Better Meat Tenderizer

Reduce your cooking time by 40% while allowing the marinades to penetrate more profound with the Jaccard Simply Better Meat Tenderizer.

It is another excellent tenderizer that helps chefs and meat-fanatics achieve even cooking and reduce shrinkage regardless of the size or price of any meat.

You no longer have to lose the natural juices but rather bring out your favorite flavors. This unit features a patented removable cartridge design.

Plus, this tenderizer uses 45 blades easing your cut. Cleaning is a breeze though you need to be careful after every single use.

Features of Jaccard Simply Better Meat Tenderizer

  • Reduces cooking time by up to 40%
  • Achieves even cooking
  • Gets rid of shrinkages
  • Easy to clean

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How do I disassemble this tenderizer?

Answer: You first move the blue latch to the right and then, push the blades downwards. You can use a cutting board or a folded-up dishrag. Blade assembly will automatically side out.

  • Question: Can I clean this unit in the dishwasher?

Answer: Yes, it is dishwasher safe but must be disassembled first.

  • Question: Is there any difference between this model (#200345) and the Jaccard Supertendermatic (#200348)?

Answer: The #200345 model has 45 blades.

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How to Choose a Meat Tenderizer

Meat-fanatics pretty understands the impact or rather the difference made by the type of meat tenderizer one uses. Choosing such a tool isn’t a straightforward process as such.

You must first understand and know what you need. You need a handy appliance that will help you achieve the following:

  • Save several bucks
  • Reduce kitchen stress
  • Eat healthily
  • Make cleanup easy and quick

I guess it is essential for me to emphasize the ease of cleaning. We all know how those tiny shreds of meat get caught up in the meat tenderizer blades.

Additionally, you do not want to use this tool when rust seems to be the material used at the base. Most tenderizers include a decent clean brush to make your work easier.

No matter how tempting a purchase may be, always look for excellent features and more before cashing over the counter.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, when choosing a product, everything narrows down to personal preference. However, quality surpasses everything. It is the same case when one wants to spend some bucks on a meat tenderizer.

Meat tenderizers are simple, handy tools that will shorten your cooking time and make your steak more flavorful and juicy than ever before.

If you plan to own one avoid the hassle of surfing the entire web going through scam reviews. We have compiled the above meat tenderizers.

They are the best you can get out there. Efficiency, durability, safety measures and reliability are well incorporated in the above kitchen appliances. I highly recommend them to anyone.

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