The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Pasta Maker

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In the below, we will briefly discuss The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Pasta Maker. Hope, you will be benefited.


Washing the Pasta Maker with Water

A pasta machine is a no water zone. After making beautiful pasta noodles, some people are tempted to wash the machine with water.

No matter how careful you are, once your pasta making machine has come into contact with water, it will certainly begin to rust.


Feeding the machine with extra-thick pasta

Some pasta makers do crazy things with their machines. What do you expect when you feed your pasta maker with pasta as thick as a brick?

Definitely, it will clog or break down. Even though some pasta makers do clog more often than others, you can reduce this effect by first thinning your pasta before feeding it to your machine.


Taking apart your machine without proper planning

When you plan to clean the inner side of the blades of a pasta maker, do not just disassemble the machine without analyzing the structure of your PM.

Some models are designed with little parts are tricky to fit into place. If you are not careful, you will not be able to fix them back into their position.


Lack of proper lubrication

Pasta makers require adequate lubrication in order to function smoothly. Always apply light oil or grease at the outer edges and other joints.

However, do not apply excess lubrication as this may go to your pasta. Lubrication also prevents discoloration. Additionally, cleaning and drying should come before lubrication.

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