The Secrets to Making Homemade Sausages Using Sausage Stuffer

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Why make sausages at home when you get it for a few cents in the stores?

I have always been a purchaser of manufactured goods myself and sausages were no exception.

However, being fortunate enough to witness discarded meat reused again to prepare store-sausages, I started believing in the world of ‘do-it-yourself.’

Living in today’s world, there is an increasing amount of workload that needs to be taken care of. And hence, comes the advancement of technology to the rescue:

The sausage stuffer. It is not just easy to use, but it saves a humongous amount of time and effort.

The results are excellent and many times better than those store-sausages, packed with fillers and junks.

Cooking homemade sausages is not rocket science: All you need to do is grind the meat and season it, the rest of the job, leave it to the pro- the sausage stuffer.


How to make homemade sausages using sausage stuffer?


Firstly, use cold meat to make the paste and season it well with your excellent flavors. Meanwhile, soak the casings in warm water.

Now, apply a generous amount of vegetable oil on the stuffer tube so that the casings won’t stick to the tube.

Tie the ends of the casings or clip it up with twines and pierce some air-holes right around the terms of the casings.

You have some to choose from, that includes Vertical or Horizontal sausage stuffers and Horn Sausage Stuffers.

Now, if your stuffer has a foot switch, the work is half done since you have your hands free to check on your sausages.

However, having a hand button might require insignificant assistance to press the button while you have your hands unreserved for keeping a check on the delicacies.

Slowly, the meat will come out of the stuffer. Just whorl the sausage for two-three times after the required length of the sausages has come out.

Keep stuffing the stuffer with the seasoned meat and keep whorling the sausage as it comes out. But remember, you don’t want to whorl the sausage in the same direction every time since that will cause the stuffing to spill.

Also, that would be silly since you would be undoing the job you did in the first place.

Give it a right swirl. Give it a left whirl, lo and behold, you have your sausage ready to get cooked in just a few minutes.

make sausages

Cook the sausages in olive oil for about twenty minutes.

Keep tossing it while you cook to make sure nothing burns except the sales of the inedible store-sausages. You can also freeze your sausages if you wish to feast on them over the next few days.

Making your sausages at home ensures that you don’t eat junk meat and spices.

The sausage stuffer is like a cherry on the cake that makes the job easier. Amidst the market full of packed trashes, do not withhold yourself from tasting these drops of heaven.

Eat clean, eat healthily.

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