STX Turboforce 3000 Series Review

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STX Turboforce 3000 series is a very powerful grinder that gets work done, fast and with a lot of ease.

Whether you are grinding meat for commercial purposes or just for consumption at home, this is a suitable grinder worth of every dollar.

With a view of its effectiveness and efficacy, you are guaranteed of satisfaction, all the way from assembling to using it.

Setting it up is a straightforward step by step process, no expertise or previous experience required.

It is also easy to maintain. Therefore, if you have been looking for a grinder that will make grinding meat as fun as playing poker, this is the machine.

And, you can grind almost everything and do several other stuff like preparing sausages, thanks to its many accessories.

Its efficacy can be attributed to its 3000 watts peak power and an air cooling system that precludes overheating.

Its durability is unquestionable, it is made of stainless steel material which resonates with long-lasting and no rusting.

With a view of the manufacturer’s warranty that covers both maintenance and repair, the credibility of the machine is assured.

The price tag on the machine cannot match the value that this compact machine offers.

We provide you with the in-depth review of this meat grinder and all you need to know about its features and performance. Here is the  STX Turboforce 3000 Series Review.


To whom is This Product Designed for?

STX International STX-3000-TF Turboforce is an ideal machine for both the seasoned food processor and the person trying out his hand for the first time at cooking and meat grinding.


Therefore, this meat grinder is suitable for:

  • Chefs
  • Housewives
  • Butchers
  • Commercial meat processors


 Features of STX Turboforce 3000 Series


STX Turboforce 3000 series is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. We have researched a lot, testing and analyzing the features, we put STX Turboforce 3000 series is one of the best in our Electric Meat Grinder List.

This powerful grinder consists of several features that make it quite outstanding:


Grinding head

STX TURBOFORCE 3000 SERIES Grinding HeadsThe meat grinder has a grinding head that comprises a meat pan, head, front lock nut and a snake or auger.

The size 12 grind head is made of polished cast aluminum hence should be washed using hot water and mild detergent. It should be stored in a dry place after drying using a towel.

The meat pan has a 21/8 inches hopper opening that allows passage of bigger meat chops into the grinding plates thus reduces time spent in preparing and processing the meat.


Steel Grinding plates

STX TURBOFORCE 3000 SERIES-PlatesThe meat grinder has hardened steel grinding plates, three in number, that are of varying types- coarse, medium and fine.

The plates are used to grind meat of a texture correspondent to their type, for example, the coarse plate is used for a coarse grind.

The plates measure 25/8 inches in diameter. They allow for faster grinding with a view of the large output of the meat is ground.

Because, the plates are made of hardened or tempered steel they ought to be washed in hot water with mild detergent, dried using a towel then coated with food grade-silicone or oil, and ultimately stored in a plastic bag.


Sausage Tubes

STX TURBOFORCE 3000 SERIESThis meat grinder also comes with several accessories among them being sausage tubes and an adaptor.

This gives you the liberty of creating your own personalized sausage combinations. The stuffing tubes are three in number and measures ¾, 5/8 and ½ inches.


A Kibbi Attachment

Kibbi AttachmentThe meat grinder, in addition, has a kibbi attachment, also known as kubbe. The attachment is used to prepare kubbe, a traditional dish from the Middle East.

This meal consists of a bulghar wheat-made, cylinder-like shell stuffed with spiced, fine ground meat, either from beef, lamb, goat or camel. The cylinder is then sealed and cooked in broth or baked.


Cutting blades made from stainless steel

The meat grinder, in addition, has three grade 304 cutting blades made from stainless steel as a match for the set of three grinding plates.

The need for matching is to ensure that the cutting plates remain sharper for longer as well as enhance the speed and precision of grinding.



  • Comes with a 3-year warranty that covers maintenance and repair.
  • Can be assembled and disassembled easily.
  • It has several accessories including Kubbe and sausage attachments
  • This machine has a wide grind head.
  • This meat grinder has a powerful motor making it very effective.
  • Compact size and weighs less,12 pounds, than other grinders
  • Does more work within a short time.
  • Multiple cutting blades and grinding plates.
  • Has a circuit breaker that guards the motor against the power surge.
  • Proper laid out controls that forestall bumping into the buttons accidentally.


  • It is not fully made from stainless steel, some parts are made of aluminum hence not as durable.
  • The air-cooling system is not very effective hence the grinder overheats overtime and can’t be used for very long.
  • The blades get blunt and will require sharpening over some time.
  • Careful washing procedures must be observed for each part, they are not all washed the same way which makes it cumbersome.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some pre-selling Questions and Answers about STX Turboforce 3000 Series Meat Grinder

Can STX Turboforce 3000 Series grind bones?
Yes, the meat grinder has a powerful motor and blades, hence can grind bones as well.
Is the grinder made of stainless steel wholly?
The grinder is not of stainless steel wholly, some parts are made of aluminum and also some plastic material.
Is the warranty valid to all countries in the world?
The 3 year, 100% fix, repair and replacement guarantee is only valid in Canada and 50 states of the USA.


Final Verdict

This Meat Grinder is a good buy. Suitable for the experts and persons who want to use a grinder for the very first time because the machine is easy to use, assemble and disassemble.

The STX Turboforce 3000 Series meat grinder features a powerful motor with 3000 Watts output peak power. Therefore it is highly effective and efficient.

It is a multiple-use grinder owing to its set of accessories, the sausage tubes with which you can make sausages and the Kubbe attachment which can be used to make the Middle Eastern delicacy.

This is a meat grinder worth having at all cost. It offers much more than its costs for. And, it guarantees value for every dollar its worth.

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