7 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating The Right Kinds of Meat

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It is 100% true that excessive consumption of red-meat causes premature deaths and heart-related problems.

But, it doesn’t mean you should avoid it for the rest of your life. There are eight kinds of meat too that offer high-quality proteins and improve your health on a grand scale. We Promise!

Before we move further and reveal the surprising health benefits of eating the right kinds of meat, first it is essential to understand which kind of meat is the right one.


Health Benefits of Eating The Right Kinds of Meat

Are you ready to learn more about the health benefits of eating meat? Read and digest this meaty information that we have for you. Let’s begin.


  • Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is high-quality meat with higher amounts of omega-3 fats than the grain-fed kettle. Furthermore, the best thing is it is lower in a bacterial infection too.


  • Organic Chicken

Organic chicken is better than factory-farmed chicken. It contains high levels of protein and prevents diabetes, obesity, & cardiovascular diseases.


  • Small Fish

Small fishes also offer high levels of omega-3 fats. Unlike other fishes, they provide the additional benefit – sustainability, as their environmental impact is healthy as well.


  • Organic Turkey

Do you know organic turkey has a unique protein source – ‘Selenium’? Yes, it is true. It is a special mineral the boosts your immune system’s ability.


  • Lamb Meat

Lamb meats individually come from young sheep. It includes many vitamins and minerals like Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin B12, which boost health.

Lamb Meat

All in all, all these five kinds of meat are healthy. You can count on them for regular consumption. Though, bear in mind, you shouldn’t exceed the daily intake of them (protein).

As consuming too much, protein can open the floodgates of health problems like dehydration, increased fat storage, diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney stones, and osteoporosis.


Now, below are the seven health benefits of eating these kinds of healthy meat.

1 – Boost Immunity

Want to boost your immune system?  Well, all the meats mentioned above have antioxidant properties. They protect your body from infection and boost the immune system as well.

Furthermore, they create antibodies to fight free radicals, which prevent chronic diseases.


2 – Muscle Gain

If you are an athlete, perhaps you have already perceived the importance of meat, as it assists in gaining muscles and cell re-growth.

Besides, they have all essential amino acids that prevent muscle breakdown; they are required for high muscle training. Individuals who focus on building muscle strength should increase their meat intake.


3 – Regulate Digestion

Healthy digestion also counts on the essential amino acid of meat, which can be acquired only through food.

Since our bodies don’t contain product amino acids on their own. Luckily, the right kind of meat provides all nine amino acids that are vital for metabolism and digestion.


4 – Build Strength

Children, women, or individuals that struggle with weakness or lethargy have iron deficiency. The kinds of meats mentioned earlier are rich sources of iron.

Not only they prevent weaknesses in the body, but also improve the functional ability of a person within a few weeks.


5 – Improve Blood Circulation

Improving blood circulation is as important as increasing vitamins and nutrients in your body.

Improve Blood Circulation

Without healthy blood circulation, you deal with a lack of concentration and fatigue; you feel tired, all day, day-to-day.

Meat improves blood circulation and makes you feel energetic.


6 – Promote Mental Health

In meat, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin D play a substantial role in promoting mental health.

All these vitamins work on the nervous system and strengthen your mind in more ways than you can imagine. Moreover, they promote good vision too.


7 – Protect Heart Health

Vitamins A, B, and D that are present in meat play a substantial role in promoting mental health.

All these vitamins work on the nervous system and strengthen your mind in more ways than you can imagine. Moreover, they promote good vision too.


Concluding Thoughts

In general, if you want to reap the health benefits of meat, it is crucial that you choose the right kind of meat and that you should always include it in your diet plan. Some people think that going vegan is the best way to live a healthier lifestyle

However, if you are missing specific nutrients and vitamins that you could get from meat; you are risking your vital metabolic functions.

So, eat meat.

Just make sure the meat you are opting for is coming from the natural-fed animal.

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10 Types of Healthy and Delicious Exotic Meats You Should Eat

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Are you bored of seeing the regular chicken, beef, and pork on your plates? Are you looking for something unusual to eat that could pamper your taste buds?

Even though you can never get enough of beef and pork, you could still experiment with the various types of delicious exotic meats available.


10 Types of Healthy and Delicious Exotic Meats


If you are on for trying something new, here is a list of 10 kinds of healthy and delicious exotic meats you should be eating right now:

Alligator and Crocodile

Alligator and crocodile meat in very high in protein and has low levels of fats and calories. Very similar in texture to pork and chicken, alligator meat is lean white meat which is exceptionally tender and juicy.

It is advisable not to eat the gator deep fried as it takes away all the nutrients. The crocodile’s tail is the best cut that has a taste very much similar to veal.



The goat meat is one of the most nutritional meats and has very calories as compared to beef and chicken.

The best way to obtain well-flavored goat meat is to cook it slow properly. However, grilling the goat meat can also be an excellent option to bring the intense spicy flavor out of it.



Bison is also known as ‘Buffalo’ and has fewer saturated fat and calories as compared to regular beef. It is a lot leaner as compared to beef and makes good steaks and roast.

It a better alternative to regular beef in dishes such as burgers because of the similar taste and texture but has enhanced nutrition. This meat has become quite common and is readily available in supermarkets in frozen form.


Wild boar

As a better alternative to pork, wild boar is leaner and has a better taste as compared to pork. With the exceptionally lower saturated fat contents and cholesterol, it is indeed a healthier choice. The wild boar meat is usually red in colors and has a bold flavor with a hint of sweetness.



With little calories, cholesterols, and saturated fat, the ostrich meat is one of the healthiest exotic meats.

The ostrich meat has a dark red color and does not at all taste like chicken or turkey, which most of the people expect. Its higher vitamin B content helps you with maintaining a healthy metabolism.



The texture of elk meat is very similar to that of deer and has a mild flavor with a hint of sweet. Cooking elk is a just same as preparing a steak. Elk has the high content of vitamin B and is rich in minerals such as iron and zinc.



Rabbits have gained popularity among people due to its exceptional flavor and health benefits. Rabbits have a high amount of nutrition and are very rich in protein, particularly when compared to chicken, veal, and beef.

The rabbit meat also contains iron and minerals such as phosphorus and potassium which makes it one of the healthiest exotic meats available.



Venison meat has a strong taste and texture which is very close to beef. It also, it is leaner meat, has a stronger flavor.

Venison has fewer calories, cholesterols, and fat and consists of higher amounts of minerals and proteins as compared to regular beef. However, cooking venison is not at all similar to that of beef due to it being tough.

Healthy and Delicious Exotic Meats



The general way to cook quail is to roast it just the way you roast turkey and provides you with surprisingly high protein content and minerals. The taste of quail isn’t at all similar to poultry raised animals.



Rattlesnakes are commonly consumed in mid-western countries, but python is still considered to be exotic meat across the globe.

Python has high levels of protein and lower levels of fats and calories making it a very healthy option.

However, cooking a python is altogether a different ballgame. A python should are cooked correctly or you can end up with a chewy and hard texture.




Q: 1. Are there any benefits of eating exotic meats over regular meats apart from good taste?

Ans: The exotic meats are rich in protein and low in fat, cholesterols, and calories. These wild game meats also provide you with essential amino acids and higher in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Due to their natural diets, they contain more vitamins and minerals, particularly iron and zinc.

Research has shown that these meats improve your heart health and enhance your cardiovascular systems. It also provides your body with antioxidants that help you prevent oxidative stress


Q: 2. Is exotic meat cooked the same way as regular meat?

Well, you need to be aware of special rules while you are cooking exotic meats if you want the best flavor to come out of it.

However, most of the red meats can be cooked exactly the way you cook chicken. You can sear, grill, roast, or slow-cook the meat depending upon your choice.

You should keep in mind that the meat shouldn’t be overcooked or you can dry it losing the flavor.


Q: 3. Are there any types of exotic meats that you should probably not eat?

It is advisable to wear protective gloves when you are preparing exotic meats to avoid the risks of spreading any types of bacteria and viruses. As long as you can avoid contamination in your meat, you can eat almost any kind of exotic meat.


Q: 4. Where can you find the exotic meats if you want to cook at home?

Since the exotic meats are growing popular, there are a vast number of companies that offer premium quality exotic meats.

Majority of products here are readily available in supermarkets and restaurants near you. You can also order these healthy and tasty exotic meats online and get them delivered to your door.


Q: 5. Are exotic meats expensive compared to regular beef, pork, and chicken?

Yes, the healthy and delicious exotic meats are costlier than the average chicken, beef, and pork because of their high nutrition and lack of domestication.

They are still worth your money because of all the health benefits that they offer.

If you think that you don’t want to spend a lot of money at restaurants, you always have the option of purchasing it and cooking it at home.



Concluding Thoughts

Because of the multiple health benefits, the unconventional meats are taking up the restaurants and the meat industry.

By putting untraditional meats on your plates, you can also contribute towards the betterment of the environment.

Reasons You Should Include Meat in Your Diet

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For many years meet has been associated with all sorts of killer diseases. You will often find that meat contributes to cardiovascular diseases among other health problems.

The reason given for all these controversies is that meat contains high levels of saturated fats.

However, when you take a closer look at the matter, one question remains unanswered – How comes our pre-human ancestors lived on meat for over 1.5 million years ago and never had the problems we associated with meat today.

Undoubtedly, blaming for our health problems on old foods is illogic and unreasonable.

Several research studies carried out to determine the relationship between cardiovascular diseases and meat consumption have shown that a weak correlation between the two exists.

Nevertheless, we as humans are omnivorous, and in one way or another, we are somehow meat addicts.  That aside, here are the top reasons as to why you should include meat in your diet:


High Nutrition Value

3.5-ounce of raw meat contains iron, zinc, selenium, Vitamin B12, B3, B6 and much more. Most people that go the vegetarian way and avoid animal products are deficient in these nutrients.

Additionally, meat from grass-fed animals contains a higher level of omega-3. Other lesser-known nutrients that can only be gotten from animal meat include:


  • DHA and EPA – These are active forms of omega-3
  • Carnosine – An vital nutrient that inhibits degenerative processes and acts as an antioxidant too
  • Creatine – An energy reserve in the brain and muscle.


High-quality Protein

Eating meat is the way of getting quality strands of amino acids that the body cannot produce. Intake of quality protein intake results in increased muscle mass and lower chances of suffering from fractures.


Fulfilling Our Nature

We biologically created to eat meat. Our bodies are designed to get nourished by eating meat. This is why our ancestors lived on meat for millions of years.


Meat Doesn’t Cause Cancer

Even though the meat has been closely linked with the rising cancer cases, there are no substantial scientific findings that support the same.

The greatest mistake made is that most studies place processed and unprocessed food in the same basket. Processed meat is what strongly correlates with cancer cases and not unprocessed meat.


Additional Benefits of Including Meat in Your Diet


Here are other paybacks of eating meat:

  • It is a significant source of protein that helps burn fat
  • Meat is a source of lasting energy
  • Meat boosts immunity and helps balance the neurotransmitter. This enables the body to curb conditions: depression, anxiety, and hyperactivity.
  • Lack of adequate meat can result in Candida overgrowth


Steve’s Tips: Healthy Eating Habits To Live A Healthy Life

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Below you will find a list of good healthy habit tips that should be integrated into your lifestyle. However, if you are struggling to combine all the healthy eating tips do not worry.


I have listed healthy eating habits in order of the most importance. But also note that some of the tips are interrelated so please select at least 3 and combine them. Ex:

  • Eat five times per day
  • Eat little
  • Drink water


I think this is the basic you should start from, and slowly, or as soon as you are comfortable and confident with integrating 3 healthy eating habits into your lifestyle make a choice of another tip and also apply it, and so one, until you realize that your healthy eating habits have come to life already.


Here’s an eating schedule you can adopt:

  • Breakfast: 7:00-9:00 a.m.
  • A light snack: 10:00-12:00 p.m.
  • Lunch: 1:00-4:00 p.m. –
  • Another snack: 4:00-7:00 p.m.
  • Eat a small dinner with a treat: 7:00-10:00 p.m.


Of course, the time you choose will depend on your lifestyle. I’m an evening person so my breakfast will start quite late.

In general, the role of the tomb is 4-5 meals, based on low-calorie products. Regular meals are also outstanding.

Starvation or intake of  1-2 large meals causes deregulation of metabolism in the body. Do not snack to satisfy hunger.

If the intervals between meals are too long, you should have low-calorie, healthy snacks such as apple, plain yogurt or drink water. Snacking between meals is additional, unnecessary calories.

healthy snacks

It is recommended to have your last meal no later than 11 pm or 3h before going to bed as the food you will intake at night will not have a chance to be burned off completely and can cause morning gas and stomach cramps.

Eating late at night also forces your body to use its energy on digestion.

Instead of regenerating your energy for the next day your body will work hard to digest your food. Therefore you may experience tiredness and feel less energetic and fresh when you wake up.


Eat little but often (on average every 3h)

In this case, you will be providing just enough energy for your body’s functioning, and what is more important, you will get hungry less often because your stomach will always be filled up.


Small sweet treat ones a week

I put it third position because I believe that you deserve a tasty treat of anything you like sweet bar, chips (at last one a month I have to eat chips, I love it). But also remember not to exceed it. As mention in the above point – eat little.


Combine food rich in protein and carbohydrate

Directly because carbohydrate provides an instant rise of energy and protein to maintain the strength for longer so you will not feel hungry as often. Water brings many benefits to the body, provided it is appropriate quality and purity.

Water is a drink deprived of calories. Therefore, low-calorie diets recommend that the amount of liquid consumed is no greater than 1.5 liters and you should not overdo it with mineral water.

If you drink bottled water, it should be carbonated mineral water, and not soft drinks because they stimulate appetite.

The addition of lemon with the skin carries a natural vitamin C, routine, trace elements, and plant hormones. When drinking you should remember to drink water before meals or 2 hours after a meal.

I generally, drink around eight glasses of water per day as we are losing the same amount in daily activities.

Tip: If you are doing exercises put Celtic salt into 1 liter of water to avoid dehydration.


Combine healthy snacks into your diet

Here are the options of healthy snack examples.

Combine healthy snacks


Limit usage of the four times white deaths


  • Sugar –  It’s devoid of biological additives – vitamins, minerals, plant hormones, and ferments. Sugar obtained from red beets is purified, filtered and crystallized. It can cause diabetes if the intake is relatively higher than (then) recommended.


  • Salt –  limitation of salt intake decrease the risk of hypertension. Sodium increases blood pressure.


  • Flour –  white flour is a refined product, and therefore is devoid of vitamins and minerals the same as sugar. Flour is a significant source of – calories (sugar) and also has a high glycemic index.


  • Milk – is difficult to digest, which may result in the disorder of the digestive system functioning. Milk contains animal fats that increase cholesterol level and the leaking of calcium from your body.


Find more in this article where I explain why these four products are called white death.


Precise biting and chewing

The first stage of the food digestion is carried out in your mouth. Correct biting and chewing and mixing with saliva enables further accurate and rapid metabolism of the consumed food in your stomach. Hence the food that gets into the stomach is removed quickly.


Limit consumption of products with low glycemic index

High levels of insulin promote weight gain. The high level of sugar is associated with the use of the particular group of carbohydrates which characterized in a sharp and significant temporary increase of the glucose levels in blood serum.

Those groups are called high glycemic index (greater than or equal to 70). By contrast, consumption of a product with low glycemic index cause a slow and relatively small increase in sugar level and thus – a slight pang of insulin.

Such products are therefore not an ally of weight gain. Keep in mind that food processing (heat treatment, heat treatment time) increases their glycemic index.


No overeating if you are feeling depressed

Seasonal mood disorder or so-called winter disorder is caused mainly by lack of light during autumn and winter time. Seasonal depression can last from a few weeks to months.

The symptoms are usually mild and moderate, such as excessive sleepiness (with a significant deterioration in the quality of sleep), tiredness, lack of energy, the high appetite for carbohydrate.

No overeating

Also, seasonal weather disorder is one of the most common reasons why we often gain weight. I would also put stress next to it.  But we hardly ever acknowledge it.

If you acknowledge the reason for your increased appetite, it will be much easier to control it.


Limit alcohol intake and cigarettes

Avoid smoking cigarette and cigarette smoke inhalation and drinking too much alcohol. Smoking cigarettes, both active and passive destroys vitamin C.

The smoke from one cigarette destroys approximately 25 mg of vitamin C in the body. Smoking is also one of the most significant allies of cancer.

Alcohol is a rich source of energy. However, it does not contain essential nutrients. Alcohol also raises blood pressure.

Frequent consumption of even moderate amounts of alcohol may lead to addiction. People who drink more are more likely to develop liver cirrhosis, myocardial degeneration, cancer, and other diseases.

If you want to drink alcohol, you can drink wine (especially red wine from the wild rose which is recommended) and possibly small amounts of beer.

Green and Frozen Vegetables For Good Healthy Life

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Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are certainly not consequently common in the modern traditional western diet regime that’s influenced by fast food.

People tremendous vegetables hold within all of them a chance to provide us with wellness. Because the nutrients they provide are wide-ranging.


Here are just one or two of the benefits we can get from introducing green veggies directly into our diet:

  • Clean blood
  • Healthy blood
  • No constipation
  • No Gas


Green vegetables


Advantages individuals vegetables hold

One of present day most popular medical issues in the western world is the one of LDL cholesterol in the blood.

One of the several layers that construct the blood vessels will be accumulating these components. And helps to create plaque. That can induce the narrowing with the charter yacht and create substantial blood-pressure.

A complication of these predicament happens when the oral plaque buildup layer breaks or cracks to the boat alone meeting the particular blood steady stream.

In this instance, the particular oral plaque buildup might be shattered and brought absent with the strong blood flow. An issue in which among other things can cause a new cerebrovascular event.

Green vegetables especially darker abundant greens and assist the body to slowly crack the particular backplate.

It can reduce your blood-cholesterol ranges. Cleansing the blood and supporting us maintain less hazardous and also better.

Healthy blood signifies we’re not inadequate some of the substances from the blood. The body consistently develops and vehicle repairs your blood, and all of its components.

With the, it takes people to offer this using the correct nutrients. The most typical blood deficit is iron, and green vegetables have abundance associated with flat iron in them.

Including refreshing green veggies into our diet aids our body from the reconstructing involving blood, as a result of retaining the blood healthy.


Green Vegetables For Much better Digestion

Green vegetables are also fiber-rich, and also dietary fiber motivates the tummies action Along with The motion from the bowels.

In case there is slower digestion, negative digestive function or bowel irregularity, green veggies will help us heal safely and swiftly without using laxatives.

They will help the gastrointestinal tract accomplish they perform naturally and also proficiently. And unlike drug treatments  that go up against the wish of your body,

They are going to fix your situation by simply fortifying the particular systems that take care of these situations naturally.

Gasoline can also be very common nowadays since the commercial food, junk food. Even your fresh fruits, as well as vegetables, are being blended collectively in completely wrong meals permutations.

These kinds of blend result in stress towards the digestive tract, which in turn, challenges the complete entire body.

Gas is then induced largely from the bacteria with the stomach that’s attempting to break our own foods into its tiniest parts so that it can supply the cells in the entire body.

Simply by promoting the actual flora in the stomach and inspiring digestive function and also colon activity. Green vegetables specifically leave, might help us all treatment petrol.


Frozen Vegetables

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen vegetables can be quite a great way to add products to your meal, particularly if don’t possess clean vegetables readily available.

Advantages and drawbacks gonna have a look at precisely how frozen vegetables can easily get a lean body.

For starters, I’d like to point out your fact that we are all aware that people must be consuming veggies and fruits.

It’s not easy to feature these foods inside your daily diets though, so take time to research your favorite food along with figuring out how to put into action much more wellbeing components to the foods.

Frozen vegetables provide a wonderful alternative to include one thing healthy for your supper. The advantage of employing frozen products is the fact that you don’t have to worry about the foodstuff ruining the family fridge.

Frozen substances will keep longer than refreshing under refrigeration food, as well as the very cold process does not strain the actual nourishment greatly.

On the other hand, canned vegetables happen to be warmed in the canning method, frequently they have got lost many of the enzymes and nutrition.

I even now employ scripted produce in certain involving our meals. However typically favor sticking with refreshing as well as frozen options.

You can get frozen vegetables in 2 varieties: possibly getting these straight from the retailer, currently frozen. Or deep freeze these people on your own.

Let me frequently frost nova vegetables if they’re for sale. Or maybe I’ve something from the fridge which should be conserved more time. Just before My partner and I prefer to apply it.

Sometimes I buy the particular packaged frozen greens although. These are extremely hassle-free and they are generally also in fact very cheap.

What types of food are you able to add frozen ingredients too? Nearly every dish may use ingredients from the freezer: soups, stew, eating salads, casseroles, and so on.

Attempt incorporating much more productive in your each day meals. It is a simple and easy, low-cost strategy to increase the diet of one’s supper!

How to Store Meat Safely and Avoid Any Health Risks

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Meat is a staple food that is part of world daily diet. Based on the fact that meat is vulnerable to bacteria means maximum care should be taken when handling and storing meat.

Thus it is very important to How to Store Meat Safely and Avoid Any Health Risks.

The topic of the dos and don’ts can be pretty confusing but one fact still remains – there are a number of things you can do to ensure your meat stays safe and fit for consumption.

Narrowing down to the main issue, the temperature danger zone is what you should avoid at costs. Well, to beginners probably not aware of what that means.

This is a range of temperature between 40°F and 140°F at which bacteria growth can tremendously increase to dangerous levels resulting to food-related diseases.

In as little as 2 hours, the bacteria will have risen to illness-causing levels. Examples of such bacteria include salmonella, E-Coli, and staff. The best you can keep your food safe is by ensuring it is refrigerated at temperatures below 40°F or above 140°F.


Meat Storage and Handling Safety Tips

Let’s get down to a number of things you should take care of in order to avoid contamination and ensure safe storage of meat.


Don’t Buy About-To-Expire Meat

This is one common mistake that most meat buyers commit. Always check the product label and read the storage instructions before any other thing.

Do not buy meat if the use-by date has passed. Just like milk, you cannot store meat that is about to go bad. In a nutshell, do not go for any animal product that goes bad on the day bought or is about to go bad in the next few days.

Additionally, you can avoid cooking spoiled raw meats by using sticky notes and labeling the date food is bought and the date it should be cooked.


Storage Materials

Always ensure that you use clean and sealed containers to store meat. It is advisable to place the meat on the bottom of the fridge because it is the coldest part.

The reason for this is to prevent any juice that comes from the stored meat from leaking and coming into contact with other stored foods in the fridge. Cross-contact can lead to contamination.


Separate Meat with Other Foods

The main aim of separation is avoiding cross-contact. When preparing, freezing, defrosting and cooking meat, separate meat from other foods such as vegetables, cheese, and other ready-to-eat foods.

Always use separate cutting boards or clean them thoroughly if they have to be shared. Utensils such as plates, knives, and spatulas used with other foods should be cleaned before being used on meat.


Know How Long Meat Can Be Stored Safely

Depending on whether you store your meat in the freezer or refrigerator and whether it is uncooked or cooked, the safe storage times can vary from 1-2 days or go for up to 3 or more months.

You should have this information to avoid cooking spoiled food.


Cooking Temperatures

There are various safe cooking temperatures for various types of meat. You definitely need a thermometer to monitor the rare to well-done temperature spectrum.


Well, before digging any further, let’s take a look at the typical cooking temperatures.

  • Rare – (120°F-125°F)
  • Medium – (140°F-145°F)
  • Well-done – (165°F or Higher)


Cooking temperatures affect both the quality and taste of food. You definitely need to know where every food belongs, whether it is rare, medium or well-done to avoid undercooking or overcooking.

More importantly, note that some bacteria may not be eliminated when given foods cook under rare cooking temperatures.


Additions tips: