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How to Make Bread Using Bread Maker : How To Guide

How to Make Bread Using Bread Maker : How To Guide

Do you know How to Make Bread Using Bread Maker? Making bread with a bread making machine is pretty simple given that rising, mixing and baking are not your tasks.

Once you have all the ingredients, you just feed the machine and enjoy fresh tasty bread just a button touch away.

What is more important in any bread making process is to balance the protein sufficiency so that the carbon dioxide produced ferments the dough sugars.

Useful Tips

  • Kindly note that bread machines are designed and programmed differently. There is no single method of making bread.
  • First, read your recipes guides and the provided instructions. However, these are the ingredients required when making bread.
  • Do not use a delayed mix cycle after forgetting to include milk in your recipe
  • Bread flour should contain more gluten than all-purpose flour
  • For amazing end results, always cut margarine and butter into small pieces before feeding them into your machine.


  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Liquid (water or milk)
  • Yeast


  • Start with loading the machine with ingredients. However, check the provided machine’s instructions for the proper order of loading ingredients.
  • Additionally, ensure accurate weighing of ingredients in order to get the best end results.
  • Pour water into pan followed by dry ingredients and lastly yeast.
  • From the given programmed settings select your dough cycle
  • Select your crust type. You can choose between light, medium and dark crust.
  • To begin the baking process press the “Start” button.
  • Do not remove the bread immediately it is ready. Allow some 30 minutes or so for the bread to cool.


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