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How to Clean Your Bread Maker : How To Guide

Do you  know How to Clean Your Bread Maker? It’s very simple just follow our guidelines and you will get the answers.

We all love waking up to the fresh heartwarming smell of hot well-baked bread. However, when it is time to look into the pan and picture the entire cleaning process, you will admit this turnoff may spoil your day.

How to Clean Your Bread Maker

Well, bread cleaning is not a difficult task when done at the right time and most importantly, in the right manner.

If you clean your bread machine frequently and follow all the maintenance practices, you will enjoy long-term clean bread baking.

Well, the first step is obviously to unplug the unit. Use a damp cloth dipped in vinegar and wipe the outer parts.

Use an old toothbrush or a small paintbrush to gently sweep the flour crumbs and the nooks. Do not wet the brush since this is an electric appliance.

For non-stick surfaces, use a soft sponge that is dipped in warm soapy water. Do not use any scratching material no matter how tempted you may get.

This will interfere with the coating which will, in turn, affect performance. Be careful not to cause a spill inside the bread machine.

Be slow and extra careful when cleaning the heating element. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe it dry. Slowly repeat the process until it is clean. Clean the bread pan and the dough hooks using a soapy rag by wiping the inside.

When done, allow the hook to dry in air. If you are having issues with stuck loaf, kindly soak the affected part for 15-20 minutes and gently wash. DO not use steel wool or any scrubber as this would destroy the non-stick coating.

Useful Hints

In order to maintain your bread maker and make cleaning a breeze, take note of the following tips:

  • Do not rinse the inside of your bread maker with water. It may flow into the circuitry of your bread machine and render it useless.
  • Do not use a scrub brush, steel wool or any other abrasive material that may scratch the surface and damage the coating.
  • Never starting washing the bread machine when it is still plugged in. Unplug the unit to eliminate chances of electrocution among other injuries.
  • If you decide to clean the bread machine right after baking, allow some time so the pan can cool.
  • Even though some parts may be dishwasher safe, use a damp soft cloth to wash your bread machine rather than dipping it in water. By doing this way, it will last longer and maintain the original look.
  • If some dirt or anything stuck on the pan do not come out, do not use force or utilize heavier tools, first allow those parts in warm soapy water for about 15-20 minutes. Do not soak!
  • Do not the bread machine immediately after you are done baking. At the same time, do not wait too long before washing it.

Most importantly, always allow all the removable attachments to completely dry before reassembling the parts back onto the bread maker.

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