How To Choose Best Meat Grinder

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How do you determine the best meat grinder to handle your grinding? There are numerous models available in the market with all manufacturers’ claiming to offer the best.

So the choosing process may be a bit tricky. You can either choose a manual or an electric meat grinder.

There are various aspects that you have to consider when choosing the best meat grinder. A great meat grinder should have the ability to offer detailed grinding without breaking down.

This post features all the factors that you should check in a particular meat grinder before settling on it.


Before you proceed, ask the following questions

  • What type of meat will you be grinding?
  • How much meat do you want to grind per hour?
  • Do you want a meat grinder for home or commercial use?


After answering these questions, you will have a clear picture of the meat grinder you want.


Choosing an Electric Meat Grinder


The Motor

Consider the motor of a particular electric meat grinder since it determines the amount of meat you can grind per hour.

Some motors come with a rating of 350 watts while others come with up to 750 watts.

Therefore, some meat grinders can allow you to grind 200 lbs per hour while the high-end machines can grind up to 720 lbs in just one hour.

Generally, choose a meat grinder that has a powerful motor since it will allow you to grind more meat and save time.


The included Accessories

What components are included in a particular unit? Some machines come with various attachments like grinding plates, cutting blades, kubbe, and sausage attachment.

It’s advisable to choose a meat grinder that has all your desired attachments. If you love homemade sausages, you won’t resist choosing a grinder that comes with set sausage attachments.



Different meat grinders come with various constructions. Some feature metallic and steel casing. A meat grinder that features metal or steel housing is more durable.

Also, such a meat grinder will be easy to wash. You should check the construction of the included accessories; most come in stainless steel construction.

Choose a meat grinder that features strong construction since it’s more durable



It’s very vital to choose a meat grinder that comes with a warranty. Some meat grinder comes with 1, 2, 3 or even 5 years limited warranty.

If your chosen meat grinder features a warranty, you will receive free repair or replace if your meat grinder accidentally breaks.



You should check your budget before making a final decision. There are many models on the market that come at different prices so you won’t lack a meat grinder that suits your budget.

However, it’s advisable not to consider the price alone, be keen on the features rather than the price.


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Best Meat Grinder


Choosing Manual Meat Grinder

If you stay in a place that has power rationing or where there is no electricity, you should consider a manual meat grinder. However, how do you determine the best manual meat grinder?

Apart from the included accessories and construction, you should also consider the following features.


The Clamp

The clamp should be well-designed to suit mounting of various countertops. A meat grinder that has a wide clamp will offer you the convenience of ground without much hassle.


The Ease of Operation

A manual meat grinder requires energy to operate. Thus, you should choose a meat grinder that’s easy to operate. Consider a meat grinder that requires minimal energy to grind.

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