Best Meat Grinder For Bones – Ultimate Guide and Reviews
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Best Meat Grinder For Bones – Ultimate Guide and Reviews

Last updated on December 10th, 2019 at 04:44 am

Have you ever thought of owning an electric meat grinder? Most meat grinders are meant for processing meat and vegetables.

However, there is the best meat grinder for bones that will allow you to do more than just meat processing. If your grinder can handle bones, you won’t worry about your dog’s food anymore.

There are numerous benefits to having a personal meat grinder including processing clean meat and adding spices to your meat. If you want to get a great electric grinder that grinds more than just tough meat, continue reading below.

Here I present the top 5 best meat grinder for bones.


Best meat Grinder For Deer

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.4

The STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Megaforce is a great electric meat grinder that most chefs and moms love. It features a Cowl Air Induction motor cooling system that prevents the motor from overheat. Due to the efficient cooling system, this machine offers noise-free grinding.

The motor is rated 3000 watts to offer more meat processing. You will appreciate the three speeds integrated that to offer you a detailed bone and meat grinding. There is a built-in circuit breaker that ensures your safety and prevents the motor from power damages.

It features a full set of accessories to ensure immediate grinding. The only precaution provided by the manufacturer; don’t wash the components in a dishwasher

This meat grinder is a size 12 yet it comes at the same price as other smaller meat grinders like size 5 and 8. The STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Megaforce has a large output since it comes with an output tube of 2-1/2 –Inch diameter.

The feeding tube is about 2-Inch Diameter so you won’t have to cut your meat into very small pieces. The popularity of this meat grinder is due to the numerous components that are included in the set.

These include three steel grinding plates, three steel cutting blades, a beaner plate kubbe and 3 sausage attachments. If you are tired of using small grinders, you can give the STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Megaforce a try.

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Price: $$$

Rating: 4.4

Do you want to include some bones in your meat? Then think of the STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce. This meat grinder is the best seller its category and has received a lot of market acceptance.

It has over 800 customer reviews and scores 4.4. This great meat grinder features three speeds; reverse, low and high to ensure the quality of your meat isn’t compromised. Its motor has a peak output of 3000 watts, unlike similar grinders that have a rating of 300 watts.

This great meat grinder comes with an integrated circuit breaker for safety. It’s worth noting that it comes with a grinding head of 12 inches.

This powerful electric meat grinder has a feeding tube of 2-Inch Diameter that serves a large output tube of 2-1/2 -Inch Diameter.

It allows you to choose the texture of your meat; you can combine the three cutting blades with the three steel grinding plates. That’s not all!

STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce grinder comes with all components required for both home and commercial grinding. Some of the accessories include three sausage tubes and a kubbe attachment. This unit is covered by a one-year limited warranty, so you can get a replace or fix.

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STX 1800 MG

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.7

Most people have used a meat grinder that can handle only meat! But have you ever thought of using a meat grinder to produce tomato juice? The STX 1800 MG will change your perception of a meat grinder.

It comes with numerous attachments, and one of them is the juicer attachment. With this juicer attachment, you can produce fresh juice at home.

This exceptional meat grinder can also be used to grind small soft bones, fish, and vegetables. It comes with a 3000 watts rated motor to accomplish your grinding needs. The three speed; high, low, and reverse will meet all your grinding needs.

Safety is a priority when doing the home grinding. This grinder includes an efficient circuit breaker that automatically shuts off the machine to prevent damages.

It’s not like your ordinary meat grinder since it comes with 12-inches grinding head. This noise-free electric meat grinder is ideal for sausage lovers since it comes with three sausage attachments.

STX 1800 MG comes with a bonus kubbe attachment so you will get more with just a few dollars. Don’t be in doubt when choosing this meat grinder since it is covered by a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty includes replacing, fix and the cost of any labor incurred during repair.

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Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Commercial Meat Grinder

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.9

At times, you may want to grind meat on a large scale, but you lack an affordable commercial meat grinder. The Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Commercial Meat Grinder is designed to relieve you the hassle.

Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Commercial Meat Grinder is very affordable yet it offers uncompromised grinding. It can process up to 725 pounds of meat per hour perfect to serve a large hotel or restaurant. The huge grinding power is offered by the one horsepower rated motor with a peak power of 750 watts.

Note that the Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Commercial Meat Grinder is a commercial grinder so it may not be perfect for use in home kitchens.

It comes with a permanently lubricated motor that relieves you the cost of constant upkeep. The motor is air cooled to prevent overheating, but it’s also fitted with a circuit breaker to ensure safe use.

This electric meat grinder comes with a stainless steel outer housing that ensures durability and easy clean-up. But ensure you hand wash the accessories and avoid placing them in a dishwasher. The unit includes an auger and a steel feed assembly.

This meat grinder has been UL approved and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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Weston 575 Watt Electric Heavy Duty Grinder

Price: $$$

Rating: 4.2

Quality, easy use, and high performance are what defines the Weston 575 Watt Electric Heavy Duty Grinder. It’s an out-of-box electric meat grinder that features quality construction to allow long extended use.

It comes with a powerful motor rated 575 watts; 3/4 horsepower that provides quality and detailed meat grinding. With this machine, you can also include some bones in your meat, and it will tackle them.

The Weston 575 Watt Electric Heavy Duty Grinder has been highly tested for safety, and it’s easy to use. This electric meat grinder weighs only 10.2 pounds and measures 14 by 12 by 10 inches hence compact for storage and carrying around the kitchen.

This great meat grinder features forward and reverses switch operations for simple use. It comes with a large grinder tray that holds a generous amount of meat for fast processing.

Health is vital when it comes to meat processing! This meat grinder offers a healthy grinding, and the included components are easily washable. All these quality features don’t come at an exaggerated price, and everyone can own it.

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What to consider when choosing Best Meat Grinder For Bones


  • Grinding Capacity

How many lbs of meat can the meat grinder process in an hour? While some meat grinders can handle, 160 lbs of meat per hour others can grind up to 300 lbs. thus, check the grinding capacity. A meat grinder with a higher grinding capacity will help you save time.


  • Motor

Consider the motor rating in your desired meat grinder. Note that most grinders require an input of 110 volts.

So make sure the machine will operate in your house or kitchen without compromising the other electrical appliances.


  • Weight

You may want to consider the weight of a particular electric meat grinder. A lightweight grinder is perfect for home use since you can shift it to different positions.


  • Durability

It’s very vital to choose a highly durable electric meat grinder because it will allow you many years of use. Metallic and steel constructions form the most durable electric meat grinders.


How I Selected 5 Best Meat Grinder For Bones


Do you need an electric meat grinder? You may have hard times deciding! But if you are a mother, chef or butcher you definitely require a meat grinder.

For homes, it will help improve your diet and give you total control of your food. Butchers and chefs will have the ability to maximize their profits while processing meat in an affordable manner.

Also, you can choose one of the meat grinders below to process dogs food since these meat grinders are perfect for handling bones.

It wasn’t easy coming up with this review. I did a thorough check of numerous electric meat grinders to choose the ones that can grind bones without breaking.

I had to test the STX 1800 MG and Weston 575 Watt Electric Heavy Duty Grinder, both machines performed above my expectations.


Final Verdict

If you want to include bones in your meat, you can choose one of the meat grinders reviewed above. I found these meat grinders very useful and powerful for both simple and commercial grinding.

If you are a hunter searching for an affordable meat grinder, you can choose the Weston 575 Watt Electric Heavy Duty Grinder.

Ensure you consider your safety when choosing an electric grinder. Other factors to consider include the motor, durability, and warranty.

It’s advisable not to choose a meat grinder based on the price alone. Consider the above reviews as authoritative since they feature the best meat grinder for bones.

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