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Best Lemon Squeezer To Buy For 2018 | Guide and Reviews

If there is a kitchen appliance that may seem ordinary yet very important then it is the lemon squeezer.

No matter what is cooking or waiting to be cooked, you will always find yourself going for the best lemon squeezer again and again.

Lemon squeezers are pretty inexpensive tools that won’t take much of your kitchen space yet very handy.

Having one in your kitchen means enjoying the convenience of extracting lemon juice and other fruit juices with so much easy and in an efficient way.

More incredible is the fact these accessories feature an ergonomic design that allows one to extract as much juice as possible without straining. Plus, they are durable and easy to use.

Cleaning is a snap as they are the simplest kitchen tools you can ever handle. Below is a comprehensive list of the best models you can find out there. Check them and go for the squeezer that best suits your needs.

Best Lemon Squeezer

How I selected Top Products

With so many models in the market, choosing the good from the bad may be difficult. You definitely need a tool that will enable you to extract more juice from fruits.

After a rigorous process of extracting juice from a whole bunch of lemons and other fruits, I finally came up with the best models. Our top considerations included:

  • Material used
  • Ease of use and cleaning
  • Design
  • Pressing power


My Top Selection of Best Lemon Squeezer


Top Rated Bellemain Premium Quality Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer with Silicone Handles

Top Rated Bellemain Premium Quality Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer with Silicone Handles

If you are looking for a workhorse that will beat the best in a marathon, the Bellemain Premium Squeezer is an ideal choice. It has a superior strength that delivers restaurant-standard squeezing.

Its bowl size if optimized plus. Additionally, strong levers, reinforced hinges, and thick casting are some of the robust features. Ergonomic design keeps your grip steady, stronger and comfortable.

The stainless steel construction ensures that this unit maintains its authenticity after extended use. Employing a powerful plier motion, this tool will squeeze every bit juice from your lemon.

No more worries about food leaching into your food. The Bellemain Stainless Steel Lemon Press features a high-quality alloy that is rust and scratch resistant.

Ergonomic silicone handles cushions your handles while making your squeeze effortless. Cleaning this unit is a breeze given that it is dishwasher safe.

Features of Top Rated Bellemain Premium Quality Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer with Silicone Handles

  • High lemon juice yield
  • Food-grade 18/10 stainless steel construction
  • Comfortable silicone handles
  • Easy to clean

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Chef’n Citrus Orange Squeezer and Juicer

Chef'n Citrus Orange Squeezer and Juicer

Squeeze your lemon juice with the Chef’n Citrus Orange Juicer and get 20% more juice compared to conventional squeezers.

The Chef’n Squeezer achieves this through its innovative dual-gear technology that achieves more pressing torque.

The stainless steel and orange nylon ensure long durability.  Though designed to squeeze juice out of oranges, this tool works great with small grapefruits, limes, and lemons.

Additionally, this top rack kitchen accessory makes cleanup pretty simple because it is dishwasher safe. Any modern kitchen owner fanatic will definitely appreciate the tasteful design.

After the purchase, you will not only enjoy more pressing power but also love the additional décor.  Generally, this is a great product that reflects the true reputation of Chef’n.

Features of Chef’n Citrus Orange Squeezer and Juicer

  • Produces 20% more juice
  • Durable stainless steel and orange nylon construction
  • The ultimate kitchen appliance for juicing oranges among other fruits
  • Dishwasher safe

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Anti-corrosive Manual Lime Juiceron Juicer

Anti-corrosive Manual Lime Juiceron Juicer

The Anti-corrosive Manual Lime Juiceron Juicer is another incredible accessory that will extract every single drop of juice only leaving behind seeds and the skin. Its sturdy stainless steel construction has the ability to withstand the pressure of the press.

One amazing feature of this tool is its diameter for both big and small size fruits that eliminates the need to use hands to squeeze fruits to the right position. Being dishwasher safe means you can deep this tool in high-end lime for exclusive cleanup.

However, it is advisable to wipe the tool dry after washing it. In a blink, prepare your favorite drinks and enjoy the flavors without splashing it over. If you are looking for a high-end manual lime juicer that gets the work perfectly done, look no further.

Features  of Anti-corrosive Manual Lime Juiceron Juicer

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Premium quality stainless steel design
  • Manual lemon juicer with an extended lifespan

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Cucisina Lemon Squeezer

Cucisina Lemon Squeezer

In one simple squeeze, get more juice from your lemons with no seeds. If the irritating lemon juice disgust you, look no further. The Cucisina Lemon Squeezer quickly juices limes, lemons, oranges.

You will enjoy your juice and shorten your cooking time to half. Heavy duty cast aluminum construction offers reliable longevity due to its break-resistant characteristic.

If you are looking for a simple product that will get all the juice out of your lemons with no seeds, the Commercial-Grade Cucisina Lemon Squeezer is simply the best that beats the rest. Give it a try!

Features of Cucisina Lemon Squeezer

  • Juices up to the last drop
  • Great for lemons, limes and oranges
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces juicing time to half

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Gelindo Single Press Lemon Squeezer

Gelindo Single Press Lemon Squeezer

The Gelindo Single Press Lemon Squeezer is another must have kitchen appliance when you want to get more goodness from your lemon fruits.

With a single effortless press on your side, this finest hand squeezer gets every bit of juice. Strength and durability are guaranteed by the superior zinc construction workmanship.

Even under the maximum pressure, this unit will surely stand the pressure. One amazing robust features is that this unit has a large bowl meaning you will juice lemons of all sizes.

Plus, this prevents the spilling mess. Whether old or young, this squeezer will work great on blood oranges, lemons and limes regardless of their size, whether small or mandarin.

Additionally, the I-Beam handle design prevents this unit from bending when pressure is at its maximum. Overall, this is the way to go when you want a heavy duty lemon squeezer that gets every bit of juice with a single press.

Features of Gelindo Single Press Lemon Squeezer

  • Superior workmanship zinc construction
  • Easy to use
  • Features a large capacity bowl (2 7/8-inch)
  • I-Beam handle design prevents bends during use
  • Makes the most out of your fruits with a single action

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Top Rated Zulay Premium Quality Metal Lemon Lime Squeezer

Top Rated Zulay Premium Quality Metal Lemon Lime Squeezer

The Top Rated Zulay Premium Quality Metal Lemon Lime Squeezer simply saves your time in the kitchen.

It is a terrible tool that will tackle anything from Meyer lemons, key limes, Eureka or Lisbon lemons, limequats or even the Rangpur limes or Tahiti limes from Florida.

Getting even the last juice drop, the Zulay Manual Juicer boasts of a number of prominent features that pushes it up the ranks way above its competitor brands.

It does a decent work more than the electric models that add more bulk to your kitchen. It features sturdy heavy duty metal bowls that handle small, large and medium-sized lemons.

Aluminum and the non-toxic lead-free coating guarantees you safe and reliable use. No more leaching of chemicals into your juice.  Being dishwasher safe means cleanup is not only a breeze but takes seconds.

Additionally, this unit is engineered to be easy on the hands yet the best at juice extraction. Looking for a high-end lemon squeezer, try the top-rated Zulay, it surely does what it claims to do.

Features of Top Rated Zulay Premium Quality Metal Lemon Lime Squeezer

  • Sturdy heavy duty large bowl tackles all fruit sizes
  • Gets every last drop of juice
  • Saves time and effort
  • Exquisite engineering

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Final Verdict

Lemon squeezers are handy kitchen accessories that are pretty simple to use. Having then in your kitchen means saving time and effort when the carving of lemon, citrus, orange and other fruit juices just can’t be stopped.

They are the simplest to use and cleaning them is a snap. Most importantly, lemon juice has a lot of health benefits, the list is endless.

If you are looking forward to owning one, I highly recommend the above models. They are durable, efficient and safe to use. Try them out and you will be glad you made the move!

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