The 5 Best Bread Flour To Buy For 2020 | Guide and Reviews
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The 5 Best Bread Flour To Buy For 2020 | Guide and Reviews

Last updated on January 1st, 2020 at 07:59 am

The science of understanding bread flour is complex and wide. No single person can sway bread lovers to one direction.

However, one fact remains pretty clear – The brand of best bread flour used has a direct bearing on the final taste.

It is either things turns out to be too much or too little, which may result in the lack of the desired flavors and quality.

The best advice about bread flours is going the practical way. Try different types of bread flour, try mixing them and see how they what difference they make.

They have different protein and gluten content thus more suitable when used for given baking. Well, let’s dig deeper and explore the different types of bread flour.


My Top Selection


Great River Organic Whole Wheat Bread Flour

Great River Organic Whole Wheat Bread Flour

Great River Organic Whole Wheat Bread Flour is an organic bread that is committed to promoting a cycle of healthy living among bread dieters.

This best flour brand is finely ground to produce a pleasant flavorful character. It is a great option to those that own whole grain bread making machines.

All the way from the Northern plain where this flour’s wheat is grown, we finally enjoy incredible results. It is milled from hard red spring wheat.  Additionally, this flour is a certified organic flour as approved by Kosher and QAI.

Your health is not putting at risk in any way because it is also GMO-free and best flour for bread making. For a tastier bread, I highly recommend the Great River Whole Wheat Organic Bread.


Features of Great River Organic Whole Wheat Bread Flour

  • Produces impressive results when used with a whole grain cycle bread machine
  • Stone-ground to the finer flour
  • Certified organic product
  • Milled from red spring wheat
  • Packed in 25-Pounds bags
  • Best bread flour brand


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Question: I don’t see good reviews on this flour? Is it good or a terrible one?

Answer: Well, based on my experience, I love the fact that I get the whole organic wheat. I use it for my bread, breadsticks, pizza, and it pretty works well.


  • Question: How different is this whole wheat flour from whole wheat pastry flour?

Answer: This is milled from red spring wheat and has higher protein and gluten content. Pastry flour, on the other hand, is made from white winter wheat.


  • Question: How much fiber does this flour contain?

Answer: Such information is not provided. However, you can research on that.

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Bob’s Red Mill Organic Dark Rye Flour

Bob's Red Mill Organic Dark Rye Flour

The Bob’s Red Mill Organic Dark Rye Flour never disappoints but instead makes tasty and flavorful recipes.

If you happen to be a fan of European-style dark bread then the Bob’s Red Mill Rye Flour is the best flour brand for bread.

It offers 4g of protein plus; it is an excellent dietary source of iron and fiber. This 100% whole grain flour comes in a pack of 4 with each bag weighing 22 oz.


Features of Bob’s Red Mill Organic Dark Rye Flour

  • Certified organic flour by QAI
  • 100% whole grain Rye Flour
  • Excellent source of iron and fiber
  • Come in packs of 4; each 22 oz.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Question: Is this flour starch-free

Answer: No, it is a gluten carb


  • Question: Does the Bob’ Red Contain caraway seeds?

Answer: No


  • Question: How finely-ground is this flour comparing it to bleached white flour?

Answer: It is very fine but as fine as pastry flour.

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King Arthur Flour Unbleached Bread Flour

King Arthur Flour Unbleached Bread Flour

This bread flour brand is specifically for those that desire the best baking experience. King Arthur is inspired by attention to detail, health-consciousness, and consistency in milling.

You can bake the highest rising yeast bread with this flour. I love the fact that it is unbleached flour that has scooped the top medal as American’s finest flour since the year 1790.

It is exclusively produced for the soft white sandwich or whole grain bread. King Arthur Flour Unbleached Bread Flour produces the chewy crust that will make you beg for more.


Features of King Arthur Flour Unbleached Bread Flour

  • Exclusive yeast baking flour
  • Unbleached and non-bromated flour
  • Higher protein content
  • Delivers the best baking experience


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Question: Can I use this flour to make biscuits?

Answer: I guess you can. However, note that biscuits may turn out to be less flaky and chewy


  • Question: Does this flour work when used in a bread machine?

Answer: Yes, it works fine. I have done it severally.


  • Question: Is this white flour, how different is it from all-purpose flour?

Answer:  No, this is bread flour.  It has a higher protein content than all-purpose flour.

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King Arthur Flour Unbleached All-Purpose Flour

King Arthur Flour Unbleached All-Purpose Flour

This bread flour brand is another hard-to-find brand from the World Renowned King Arthur that makes a whole big difference in your baking experience.

This all-purpose flour reflects the essence of consistent milling, attention to detail and naturalness. It is milled from 100% U.S wheat and unlike other cheap brands, this isn’t bleached, neither is it bromated.

King Arthur Flour Unbleached All-Purpose Flour is an ideal choice for cooking brownies, cookies, muffins, yeast bread, pies and yeast bread.


Features of King Arthur Flour Unbleached All-Purpose Flour

  • Unbleached all-purpose flour
  • Perfect choice for cookies, muffins or yeast bread
  • Made from 100% U.S. wheat


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Question: What is the shelf life of this flour?

Answer: It depends on the way you store the product. If you keep in the freezer, it will last longer.


  • Question: Is this product all natural or fortified?

Answer: It is unbleached but contains enrichments. If you want all-natural flour look for 100% organic flour brands, then this bread flour brand is perfect for you.


  • Question: Is this flour white or dark?

Answer:  It is unbleached white. Quality is great

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White Lily Unbleached Bread Flour

White Lily Unbleached Bread Flour

Prepare inventive recipes such as bread, pizza crusts, and rolls with the White Lily Bread Four. It is an incredible product that will let you enjoy delicious combinations in the comfort of your home.

Because of the high gluten and protein content, this flour is ideal for top rising bread. Plus, it works pretty fine with all bread machines.

Since the year 1883, the White Lily Unbleached Bread Flour has been the reason Southern Cooks enjoy super-delicious foods.


Features of White Lily Unbleached Bread Flour

  • Works great with all bread machines
  • Good dietary source of protein
  • Ultimate four for high-rising bread
  • No bleaching
  • Works fine for pizza crusts, rolls, bread and more


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Question: I do not have a bread machine, is this flour ideal for me?

Answer: Well, even though this machine works fine with bread machines, it doesn’t mean you must have one.


  • Question:  Is this product soft white winter wheat? Is it GMO-free?

Answer: This is typically higher protein bread flour. The wheat is non-GMO.


  • Question: Has anyone ever used this flour on croissants?

Answer: Well, I am not sure about that but I guess you can give it a try. I do use it to make bagels.

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Different Types Of Flour For Bread

Other types of flours used for baking bread may exist, but the following are the major ones:


  • White Whole Wheat Flour

White whole wheat flour is more the same as the whole wheat flour but light-colored. It is milled from the hard white spring wheat that is sweet.

Its gluten content is about 12%. Most bakers use it together with all-purpose flour.


  • Whole Wheat Flour

Whole wheat flour is milled from the entire kernel and contains wheat germ and bran. It does provide more nutrients and is heavier when compared to all-purpose flour.

For this reason, some bakers prefer mixing this flour with the all-purpose flour or adds gluten to counteract the high-dense effect.


  • All-Purpose Flour

All-Purpose flour is the most common bread flour that combines both hard and soft wheat. It has a gluten content of 9-11%.

It is widely used in most baked food products. The bleached type is not recommended for home baking.


  • Bread Flour

Bread Flour is the type that makes the cream of the bread. It is a bit pricier because it is aged without involving any chemicals.

It has a higher gluten content and thus requires more liquid when used.


Final Verdict

There are several flour brand names, and I can pinpoint tone particular flour and mark it as the “Best Bread Flour.”

It also, I have included best flour for baking cakes and best flour for baking bread, but I didn’t categorize them.

While I have tested the above bread flour brands, I didn’t find any significant difference between baking cakes flour and bread flour.

It is up to you to try several brands and see which one matches your personal preference. However, the above brands are some of the best you can find out there.

Expect a better baking experience and delicious tasty bread flour recipes. I highly recommend them to anyone that loves baking things.