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What We Do

Home is a sacred place. While you may feel like you live at work or rarely step foot in your home, most would admit that being home brings a sense of comfort.

However, being at home can bring challenges as well. Whether in your kitchen or while working on projects around your house, you're bound to run into problems here and there.

We started grinderreviewed.com to help you solve problems in your kitchen and around your home. We tend to focus on kitchen appliances, kitchen gadgets and food. But we also love digging into other tools and issues around the home.

Our Beginnings

Back in 2015, grinderreviewed.com was started mainly as a resource for finding the best meat grinders for different applications. It can be intimidating searching for any type of appliance and we realized that early on. So we've created many guides and reviews along the way to help you make informed purchasing decisions.

Our Main Goal

We hope you find our guides and resources helpful. We strive to provide you with the best possible information about home and kitchen products, as well as general guides to answer pressing questions.