10 Types of Delicious Exotic Meats You Should Try

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Are you bored with the usual chicken, beef, and pork on your plates? Are you looking for something unusual to eat that could excite your taste buds?

Americans in particular have a very limited palate for meat. There is a vast world of food choices out there – sometimes strange, but surprisingly delicious! So we decided to bring some ideas to you here to help get you thinking about new types of meat to experiment with.

There are differing opinions on whether meat in general is a healthy thing to incorporate into your diet. We have some thoughts about the benefits of eating meat. Keep in mind, we are not health experts, but we do love tasty things! If you have any concerns about safety or health considerations, please check with your health professional before incorporating these meats into your diet.

10 Types of Delicious Exotic Meats

If you are up for trying something new, here is a list of 10 kinds of healthy and delicious exotic meats you should be eating right now:


Alligator and Crocodile

Alligator and crocodile meat are very high in protein and has low levels of fat and calories. Very similar in texture to pork and chicken, alligator meat is lean white meat which is exceptionally tender and juicy.

It is advisable not to eat the gator deep fried as it may limit the amount of nutrients that the meat retains. The crocodile’s tail is the best cut that has a taste very similar to veal.



The goat meat is one of the most nutritional meats and has very few calories compared to beef and chicken.

The best way to obtain well-flavored goat meat is to cook it slowly. However, grilling the goat meat can also be an excellent option to bring the intense spicy flavor out of it.



Bison is also known as ‘Buffalo’ and has fewer saturated fat and calories compared to regular beef. It is a lot leaner than beef and makes good steaks and roast.

It a better alternative to regular beef in dishes such as burgers because of the similar taste and texture but has enhanced nutrition. This meat has become quite common and is readily available in supermarkets in the frozen section.


Wild boar

As a better alternative to pork, wild boar is leaner and some say it has a better taste than pork. With the exceptionally lower saturated fat content and cholesterol, it is indeed a healthier choice. The wild boar meat is usually reddish in color and has a bold flavor with a hint of sweetness.



With few calories, cholesterol, and saturated fat, ostrich meat is one of the healthiest exotic meats.

Ostrich meat has a dark red color and does not at all taste like chicken or turkey, which most of the people expect. Strangely, it is considered a red meat and you can make some pretty great “steaks” with this it. It is high in iron and B vitamins and it overall a great choice if you are looking for something new to try.



The texture of elk meat is very similar to that of deer and has a mild flavor with a hint of sweetness. It is not tough or gamy and is very versatile. Like many meats, the slower you cook the meat, the more tender it will be in your dish.

Depending on the source of your elk meat, the environmental impact can be very low, especially if the elk are pasture-raised. It is naturally high in protein, lower in fat than most beef and has a lot of iron and B vitamins.



Rabbit has gained popularity among people due to its exceptional flavor and health benefits. Rabbits have a high amount of nutrition and are very rich in protein, particularly when compared to chicken, veal, and beef.

Rabbit meat also contains iron and minerals such as phosphorus and potassium which makes it one of the healthiest exotic meats available.



Venison meat has a strong taste and texture which is very close to beef. It also, it is leaner meat, has a stronger flavor.

Venison has fewer calories, cholesterols, and fat and consists of higher amounts of minerals and proteins as compared to regular beef. However, cooking venison is not at all similar to that of beef due to it being tough.



The general way to cook quail is to roast it just the way you roast turkey and provides you with surprisingly high protein content and minerals. The taste of quail isn’t at all similar to poultry raised animals. It has a little more of a gamy flavor but is great if you’re looking for a new type of meat to roast.



Rattlesnakes are commonly consumed in mid-western countries, but python is still considered to be an exotic meat across the globe.

Python has high levels of protein and lower levels of fats and calories than other

However, cooking a python is altogether a different ballgame. A python should be cooked correctly or you can end up with a chewy and hard texture. In general, even if it is cooked perfectly, the meat may be a little more chewy than chicken. A couple ideas to try may be to do an over night marinade or slow cooking to increase tenderness.




Q: 1. Are there any benefits of eating exotic meats over regular meats apart from a different taste?

A: Many of the above-mentioned exotic meats are rich in protein and low in fat, cholesterol and calories. These wild game meats also provide you with essential amino acids and higher in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Due to their natural diets, they contain more vitamins and minerals, particularly iron and zinc.

Q: 2. Is exotic meat cooked the same way as regular meat?


A: You need to be aware of special rules while you are cooking exotic meats if you want the best flavor to come out of it.

However, most of the red meats can be cooked exactly the way you cook beef. You can sear, grill, roast, or slow-cook the meat depending upon your choice.

You should keep in mind that the meat shouldn’t be overcooked or you can dry it out, which would minimize the flavor and texture.


Q: 3. Are there any types of exotic meats that you should probably not eat?

A: It is advisable to wear protective gloves when you are preparing exotic meats to avoid the risks of spreading any types of bacteria and viruses. As long as you can avoid contamination in your meat, you can eat almost any kind of exotic meat. The most important thing you can do is ensure you cook the meat to the proper temperature to kill any dangerous pathogens and clean your prep area with a high quality disinfectant.


Q: 4. Where can you find the exotic meats if you want to cook at home?

A: Since the exotic meats are growing popular, there are a vast number of companies that offer premium quality exotic meats.

The majority of products here are readily available in supermarkets and restaurants near you. You can also order these healthy and tasty exotic meats online and get them delivered to your door.


Q: 5. Are exotic meats expensive compared to regular beef, pork, and chicken?

A: Yes, exotic meats can be costlier than the average chicken, beef, and pork because of they are not as in-demand as other options. They are also generally not mass-produced like other meat varieties.

But is it worth it? We think so. It can be very exciting to try something new and incorporate new flavors into your diet.

If you think that you don’t want to spend a lot of money at restaurants, you always have the option of purchasing it and cooking it at home.


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