Waring Pro MG855 Review

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A good meat grinder is one that gets work done in a very efficient and fast manner. Warring Pro MG855, a 350-watt grinder comfortably meets these qualities and perhaps exceeds them.

You will find out about that shortly. This compact, high-quality machine is not limited to grinding meat only.

It is adorned with several attachments that enable you to practice your hand at making a variety of other delicacies such as freshly ground sausages, plump sausages, and many others.

It gives you the chance to try out other interesting recipes. The meat grinder is solid and sturdy.

It features a high quality polished stainless steel for its housing which guarantees its shiny look many years after its purchase. Definitely, this is a meat grinder you want to hear more about it.


To Whom Is This Product Designed for?

Waring Pro MG855 meat grinder is a very resourceful machine whose relevance transcends the confines of kitchen use to the food processors across the streets.


Therefore, it’s definitely tailored for use by a number of people, this includes:

  • Housewives at home
  • Chefs
  • Butchers
  • Small-scale commercial food processors
  • Small-scale food vendors


Features of Waring Pro MG855


This meat grinder has some brilliant features that have been compounded to make it the classic grinder it is. These are:


A 350 Watt Motor

A 350 Watt MotorThe meat grinder runs on a 350 watts motor operated using an on/off switch with a reverse function.

This motor effortlessly provides adequate power to run the grinder for whichever work its doing.

Whether one is making burgers, sausages, grinding meat and so forth. It carries out such tasks with a lot of ease.

The motor has a peak output of 1000 watts which may never be necessary to use because it runs effectively on 350 watts with and can grind about 4 pounds of meat per minute.


Powerful Grinding Plates and a Cutting Blade

Powerful Grinding Plates and a Cutting BladeThe meat grinder is comprised of three cutting plates, (coarse, fine and medium), and one cutting blade.

The three plates, each measuring 21/2 inches in diameter, vary in their design. This explains why each plate subserves a different function.

The coarse plate is used for grinding meat to make chili and for grinding vegetables.

The fine plate gives fine ground meat for making spreads, hamburgers and baby food. The medium plate is used to grind meat for making soups or making sausages.


A Large Die-cast Hopper

A Large Die-cast HopperThis meat grinder has been fitted with a huge aluminum hopper, also a meat tray, to contain a generous amount of meat that has been sliced or cubed.

This enhances the speed of the grinding process and also simplifies it because it obviates the need for frequent replenishment.

From the hopper, the meet transits to the grinder tube with the aid of a plastic pusher.


On/off/ Reverse Switch

Waring Pro MG855 ReviewThe meat grinder features unique, simple to operate controls. These consist of an on/off and reverse function switch.

To turn the grinder on, simply flick the switch to on position and when you want to turn it off, just flick the switch to off.

The reverse function is used to remove jams, especially when the gears are clogged to reclog them.


attachementsThis meat grinder consists of several attachments to facilitate carrying out other functions it is capable of doing.

The long pusher houses the two sausage stuffing tubes and one sausage stuffing plate.

These make it possible to prepare a variety of sausage combinations. With the advice from the manufacturer, it is also possible to add some more accessories.



  • A versatile meat grinder, one can grind meat, vegetables, sausages etc.
  • Produces different textured ground meat which can be used to prepare a variety of foods.
  • It has a reverse switch that makes it possible to remove jams without having to disassemble the whole unit.
  • The stainless steel housing guarantees durability and keeps the grinder as shiny as new.
  • It is compact, hence convenient for storage.
  • Safe to use because of its stability. It does not wobble when it’s in operation.
  • It is portable because of its small size and weight.


  • Cannot grind bones.
  • Plastic gears are prone to wear.
  • It is not wholly made from stainless steel. Hence can only be hand washed. No dish-washing.
  • It’s noisy.




Can I replace the plastic gears of Waring Pro MG855?
Yes. The plastic gears can be replaced.

What can I use to lubricate the parts?
Purchase a food grade oil. This, unlike the ordinary grease, will not contaminate your food and it is equally effective.

Do I use the cutting blade and plates when stuffing sausages?
No. You only need to use sausage making, ring.


Final Verdict

Waring Pro MG855 is a meat grinder worth of every dollar on its price tag. It is a great machine for use on a small scale and has been lauded for its sturdiness and compact design.

Also, it’s noteworthy for its ease of use and, that it is easy to assemble. It’s outstanding in its speed and efficiency.

The fact that one can get additional attachments to diversify its use makes it ideal for people who love experimenting with new recipes. It is indeed a worthwhile machine.

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