Steve’s Tips: Healthy Eating Habits To Live A Healthy Life

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Below you will find a list of good healthy habit tips that should be integrated into your lifestyle. However, if you are struggling to combine all the healthy eating tips do not worry.


I have listed healthy eating habits in order of the most importance. But also note that some of the tips are interrelated so please select at least 3 and combine them. Ex:

  • Eat five times per day
  • Eat little
  • Drink water


I think this is the basic you should start from, and slowly, or as soon as you are comfortable and confident with integrating 3 healthy eating habits into your lifestyle make a choice of another tip and also apply it, and so one, until you realize that your healthy eating habits have come to life already.


Here’s an eating schedule you can adopt:

  • Breakfast: 7:00-9:00 a.m.
  • A light snack: 10:00-12:00 p.m.
  • Lunch: 1:00-4:00 p.m. –
  • Another snack: 4:00-7:00 p.m.
  • Eat a small dinner with a treat: 7:00-10:00 p.m.


Of course, the time you choose will depend on your lifestyle. I’m an evening person so my breakfast will start quite late.

In general, the role of the tomb is 4-5 meals, based on low-calorie products. Regular meals are also outstanding.

Starvation or intake of  1-2 large meals causes deregulation of metabolism in the body. Do not snack to satisfy hunger.

If the intervals between meals are too long, you should have low-calorie, healthy snacks such as apple, plain yogurt or drink water. Snacking between meals is additional, unnecessary calories.

healthy snacks

It is recommended to have your last meal no later than 11 pm or 3h before going to bed as the food you will intake at night will not have a chance to be burned off completely and can cause morning gas and stomach cramps.

Eating late at night also forces your body to use its energy on digestion.

Instead of regenerating your energy for the next day your body will work hard to digest your food. Therefore you may experience tiredness and feel less energetic and fresh when you wake up.


Eat little but often (on average every 3h)

In this case, you will be providing just enough energy for your body’s functioning, and what is more important, you will get hungry less often because your stomach will always be filled up.


Small sweet treat ones a week

I put it third position because I believe that you deserve a tasty treat of anything you like the sweet bar, chips (at last one a month I have to eat chips, I love it). But also remember not to exceed it. As mention in the above point – eat little.


Combine food rich in protein and carbohydrate

Directly because carbohydrate provides an instant rise of energy and protein to maintain the strength for longer so you will not feel hungry as often. Water brings many benefits to the body, provided it is appropriate quality and purity.

Water is a drink deprived of calories. Therefore, low-calorie diets recommend that the amount of liquid consumed is no greater than 1.5 liters and you should not overdo it with mineral water.

If you drink bottled water, it should be carbonated mineral water, and not soft drinks because they stimulate the appetite.

The addition of lemon with the skin carries a natural vitamin C, routine, trace elements, and plant hormones. When drinking you should remember to drink water before meals or 2 hours after a meal.

I generally, drink around eight glasses of water per day as we are losing the same amount in daily activities.

Tip: If you are doing exercises put Celtic salt into 1 liter of water to avoid dehydration.


Combine healthy snacks into your diet

Here are the options for healthy snack examples.

Combine healthy snacks


Limit usage of the four times white deaths


  • Sugar –  It’s devoid of biological additives – vitamins, minerals, plant hormones, and ferments. Sugar obtained from red beets is purified, filtered and crystallized. It can cause diabetes if the intake is relatively higher than (then) recommended.


  • Salt – The limitation of salt intake decrease the risk of hypertension. Sodium increases blood pressure.


  • Flour –  White flour is a refined product, and therefore is devoid of vitamins and minerals the same as sugar. Flour is a significant source of – calories (sugar) and also has a high glycemic index.


  • Milk – is difficult to digest, which may result in the disorder of the digestive system functioning. Milk contains animal fats that increase cholesterol level and the leaking of calcium from your body.


Find more in this article where I explain why these four products are called white death.


Precise biting and chewing

The first stage of the food digestion is carried out in your mouth. Correct biting and chewing and mixing with saliva enables further accurate and rapid metabolism of the consumed food in your stomach. Hence the food that gets into the stomach is removed quickly.


Limit consumption of products with the low glycemic index

High levels of insulin promote weight gain. The high level of sugar is associated with the use of the particular group of carbohydrates which characterized in a sharp and significant temporary increase of the glucose levels in blood serum.

Those groups are called the high glycemic index (greater than or equal to 70). By contrast, consumption of a product with a low glycemic index cause a slow and relatively small increase in sugar level and thus – a slight pang of insulin.

Such products are therefore not an ally of weight gain. Keep in mind that food processing (heat treatment, heat treatment time) increases their glycemic index.


No overeating if you are feeling depressed

Seasonal mood disorder or so-called winter disorder is caused mainly by a lack of light during autumn and wintertime. Seasonal depression can last from a few weeks to months.

The symptoms are usually mild and moderate, such as excessive sleepiness (with a significant deterioration in the quality of sleep), tiredness, lack of energy, a high appetite for carbohydrates.

No overeating

Also, seasonal weather disorder is one of the most common reasons why we often gain weight. I would also put stress next to it.  But we hardly ever acknowledge it.

If you acknowledge the reason for your increased appetite, it will be much easier to control it.

Note: Take a bike ride with a good scooter helmet to lose weight.


Limit alcohol intake and cigarettes

Avoid smoking cigarettes and cigarette smoke inhalation and drinking too much alcohol. Smoking cigarettes, both active and passive destroys vitamin C.

The smoke from one cigarette destroys approximately 25 mg of vitamin C in the body. Smoking is also one of the most significant allies of cancer.

Alcohol is a rich source of energy. However, it does not contain essential nutrients. Alcohol also raises blood pressure.

Frequent consumption of even moderate amounts of alcohol may lead to addiction. People who drink more are more likely to develop liver cirrhosis, myocardial degeneration, cancer, and other diseases.

If you want to drink alcohol, you can drink wine (especially red wine from the wild rose which is recommended) and possibly small amounts of beer.

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