LEM .25 HP Meat Grinder

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The LEM .25 HP Meat Grinder is a relatively compact machine meant for smaller grinding projects. This machine is a great set up for a kitchen grinder.

LEM .25 HP Meat Grinder features standard features and accessories that will make your meat grinding a breeze. The unit has stainless steel motor housing, heavy duty handle for simple moving, all metal gears and roller bearings.

A built-in circuit breaker aims at improving your safety during the grinding process and even switch off the LEM .25 HP Meat Grinder to prevent overheating.

LEM .25 HP Meat Grinder is ETL Certified to the UL Standards and comes with a two-year warranty to offer you a peace of mind when grinding.


Whom is this product meant for?

  • Housewives


Features of LEM .25 HP Meat Grinder


.25 HP motor

LEM .25 HP Meat Grinder features a .25 horsepower motor to offer you great outcomes in each grinding project. The motor features a stainless steel housing to make your grinding convenient and enjoyable.

A circuit breaker helps to prevent overheating and accidents in case of power issues. Thus, you are sure this grinder is safe for grinding at home. The motor is permanently lubricated to relieve you the stress of oiling it every time.

The 1/4 horsepower motor powers the metallic gears to ensure consistency in the meat. It also allows you to handle small and soft bones such as kitchen bones.


Heavy duty handle

LEM .25 HP Meat Grinder comes with a heavy duty handle making it simple to move around. Although the machine weighs around 32 pounds, you will appreciate the fact that you can move it around easily.

Hence, you can brew at different rooms in your home at your convenience.


Stainless steel stuffing plates

The stainless steel stuffing plates are meant to meet your meat grinding needs. Whether you want coarse or fine meat, this grinder will deliver. It comes with 3/8-inch coarse stuffing plate and 3/16-inch fine stuffing plate.

Three stuffing tubes enhance the convenience of meat processing. The tubes include 1/2-inch, 1-inch, and 1-1/4-inch.


Standard Accessories

The standard accessories of LEM .25 HP Meat Grinder will suit home grinding or even at a café. The machine comes with a stainless steel knife for slicing meat, head for effective grinding, auger and meat pan to hold your meat before and even after grinding. It also comes with a meat stomper.


ETL Certified

LEM .25 HP Meat Grinder is ETL Certified for UL standard. It meets international meat grinding standards for safety, design, and hygiene. It is free from cross contaminations that occur due to the materials used in the manufacturing.

A two-year factory warranty promises you free repair or replaces in case your machine malfunctions.


  • Great for small grinding process
  • Metal gears for perfect grinding
  • Heavy duty handle for simple moving
  • Permanently lubricated motor
  • Built-in circuit breaker for safety
  • ETL Certified to UL Standards


  • Not suitable for commercial grinding
  • Expensive


Frequently asked questions


Can this product handle 60 lbs of meat in every three days?
Yes, it can handle.
Are the components of this dishwasher safe?
Yes, you can clean the parts in the dishwasher since they are stainless steel.
How large is the feed tube?
It measures about 1-1/2-inch.


Final verdict

If you want to grind meat at the comfort of your home, the LEM .25 HP Meat Grinder can be a great choice. The machine is ETL certified to offers you a safe, sanitary meat grinding.

This unit is durable – the gears are metallic, a stainless steel motor housing, stainless steel knife, cutting plates and stuffing tubes.

However, the LEM .25 HP Meat Grinder is expensive and weighs about 32 pounds. But a heavy duty handle is meat to make moving this machine simple. It is a great purchase since it offers consistent results.

Note: When I have reviewed this product the warranty period was 2 years then. You have to visit the manufacturer’s website to know more about the actual warranty.

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