How To Use Pasta Machine : Guidelines from The Pro

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Do you know how to use a pasta machine? If your answer is no then don’t worry just read our guidelines. We hope you will get the good solution.

It is amazing how you can make wonderful thin pasta for spaghetti and other recipes with the best pasta maker.

It is one handy appliance that won’t miss in a modern kitchen provided there is one single dude that is obsessed with silk-smooth and tasty pasta.

Anyway, who doesn’t love that? Well, the good news is that the pasta maker is perhaps one of the simplest kitchen machines.

The features are pretty simple to understand and use though they may vary from one model to another.


Basically, Pasta machines allow you to feed hand-pressed pasta and roll the handle as it produces uniform thinner pasta rolls depending on the chosen settings. Let’s take a look at the features:



You definitely must work with a wobble-free machine. Therefore, the clamp secures the machine into place whether it is a countertop, tabletop or any other working surface.


Long Crank Handle

This is what does the actual rolling. It has a good grip and will be rotated to spin the rollers as they swallow in the pasta. Depending on the recipes to be prepared, this handle is fitted into different holes.


Anodized aluminum rollers

These are made with the latest innovation such that they thin out the pasta without picking any residues.


Regulating knob

This is adjusted to determine the thickness of the dough sheets. Some can be adjusted from position 1-9, 1-7 or 1-10 depending on the model.

If you plan to make fresh pasta at the comfort of your own home, then here is how to use a pasta maker:

  • Begin by cleaning the pasta machine and the working surface. In case the machine is new and greasy, clean and wipe dry with a piece of cloth.


  • Fix the pasta machine to your working surface. Thanks to the innovation of the pasta maker for the clamp mechanism.


  • Place the pasta machine on top of a towel and tighten the clamp so as to attach the unit to the edge of the working surface. Note that the pasta maker can be fitted with several roller attachments.


  • Begin by spreading your pasta on the working surface and scattering some semolina. Also, scatter some on the rollers and the top of the pasta making machine.


  • To ensure, the pasta goes through the machine, you may use your hands or a rolling pin to flatten the dough.


  • If you choose to do it with your hands, flatten one edge of the pasta before feeding it into the machine.


  • Using the knob, turn the machine to the widest settings and feed the machine with the pasta. Use the other hand to turn the handle so as to roll the dough through the machine.


  • Depending on your personal preference, this work may be done by two people, one feeding the pasta and picking it on the other end while the other turning the handle.


  • However, I guess one person can do the entire work with much ease. Repeatedly dust the pasta with semolina to make it soft and pliable.



  • Use the knob on the side to adjust the thickness settings. After each adjustment, roll the pasta through. Repeat the process until you get to the thinnest settings.


  • You may have to cut the past into two halves after it becomes too long. For more amazing results, you can pass the pasta twice through each setting.


  • When you get your desired strips, lay the, on the semolina-dusted working surface.


  • Use the cutter attachment to make noodles. Sprinkle them with semolina to prevent them from sticking to each other.


  • Gently wrap the noodles into a “nest” form. Next, set the nest on a semolina-dusted baking sheet.


  • Repeat the process until you have made enough servings.


  • You can let the noodles dry in the air until they feel stiff or cook them immediately. I bet by the time you make it to this stage, your appetite will be so high that you won’t wait a minute longer like me here. I will definitely cook them right away.


Well, that is how simple it is to use a pasta making machine. Try it out and be careful, you may be the next pasta addict. Who knows anyway?


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