How To Use An Angle Grinder

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The way in which you use an angle grinder depends on the task at hand. Ideally, every task has requires different skills and the tool should be handled at different angles.



Despite the item that you are working on, it should be held firmly to prevent it from slipping, falling or causing injuries.

It’s not advisable to try holding the item with one hand and working with the other hand because that might be dangerous.

You should not even as a friend or family member to hold the item while you work on it. This way, you will enhance protection against bite, slip or shooting that may be caused by the power tool.


Preparation before using the tool

Once you secure your item tightly, fit the right attachment or disc for the application. Ensure the disc is fixed tightly to the grinder.

Before you start sanding, grinding or cutting your item, perform several practices runs across the item.

This practice will help you determine how to hold the grinder and correct position for the grinder. Adjust the side handle to ensure you have more control of the process.


Using an angle grinder

When everything is set, you can start the actual task. Turn on the power tool and start working. Move the tool gently to the marked area or surface.

You can stop after every few seconds to confirm if you are working on the exact area. Don’t apply any force on the tool when working. Just let the tool complete the task.

When the job is done, switch the tool off and let the disc run down till it stops. Avoid placing the equipment down while the disc is still running because it can be damaged.

Also, avoid touching the disc; some tasks may cause it to heat up and can burn your hands. Recheck your work to ensure that it’s perfect. You can still redo the work if you aren’t satisfied with the results.

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Example of applications


Grinding or cutting 

Cutting or grinding is applicable to both metals and stones. Clamp the stone or metal tightly to a solid surface.

You might want to use a clamp, vice fixed to a workmate or a workbench. The idea is to fix the stone or metal firmly on a given surface.


Sharpening blades

When sharpening a blade, the ideal item to use is a Workmate or vice since it will let you grasp the blade tightly in an upward-facing direction.

It will also give you a vivid view of the angle that you require to hold the angle grinder on the surface to offer you the accurate cutting edge.


Sanding and cleaning

Sanding and cleaning depend on the item you want to handle. A small item should be held tightly to a fixed surface. When working on a large item like fence or gate, place it flat on the ground or floor.

The item should be placed in an angle that offers you a clear view as well as a perfect position to hold the angle grinder.


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