How To Clean Pasta Machine : Guidelines from the Pro

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Do you know how to clean the pasta machine? Don’t worry just read our articles and you will get the solution. Hope, you will enjoy our guidelines.

After a long sacrifice finally, you made it. You arrive home with the best pasta maker and the next thing you want to do is make a tasty fresh pasta. At this moment the last thing you want to see is the rolling pin.

Well, after your first experience of making fresh pasta remember another task awaits you – cleaning your pasta machine. A huge turnoff it is for most of us.

You may have heard a few words or perhaps a story that you cannot use soap and water to clean this unit. That even makes it more complicated.

You are neither allowed to use soapy water nor deep your gigantic machine into the dishwasher. Additionally, you need to be careful if you happen to live in a high humidity area.

With that aside, the truth of the matter is that cleaning a pasta maker is one of the simplest tasks. Given that the pasta maker is simple and lacks sophisticated controls makes cleaning it a snap.

Unlike other modern-day kitchen appliances, a pasta machine has few parts to clean. Kindly note that the entire pasta maker is a no water territory.

I bet the question lingering in your mind is how you will clean your machine. Worry not for I am going to share a detailed guide on the simplest and safest way to clean your pasta maker.


Useful Hints

There are a number of things you should or should not do when cleaning a pasta machine. Let me give you some tips:


  • Never use water to wash your machine, It is made of carbon steel and will rust regardless of how careful you are. Rust rollers will definitely tear into your pasta and ruin the entire pasta making experience.


  • Always clamp your machine properly before cleaning. Accidental falls could seriously damage the machine.


  • In case of any wetness when cleaning the machine, dry it immediately.


  • Store the pasta machine in a dry area.


What You Need


For a proper cleaning session, it is recommended to have the following:

  • White scrap clay
  • Baby wipes or a dry cloth
  • Wooden skewer
  • Paper towel




  • Adjust the machine’s roller settings to one and feed the pasta maker with the white scrap clay. Use the handle and roll while passing the white clay.


  • Repeat this severally for a thorough cleanup. For those that rarely use their machine, this should be the routine.


  • To thoroughly clean the rollers, use baby wipes. Press the wipes on the rollers as you turn the handle. Adjust the roller settings in each cleaning step.


  • Alternatively, you can use a clean cloth to clean the rollers. Do not use a cloth that produces too lint.


  • Finally, unclamp the pasta maker, turn it upside down and use the skewers to mop away the hidden dirt, clay and stuck pasta in the crevices and hard-to-reach areas.


  • When finally done, ensure your pasta maker is dry before storing it.


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