Hakka Horzontal Sausage Stuffer

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The Hakka Horzontal Sausage Stuffer offers a safe, sanitary meat processing.

This sausage stuffer meets SGS food hygiene standard and features stainless steel components for simple cleaning and durability.

It has two fill rates system for quick, simple and controlled meat stuffing.

The horizontal design adapts to a high-platform operation to offer great results. This advanced sausage stuffer includes all features that make your sausage processing trouble free.

The frame securely locks the meat cylinder into place to eliminate the stress of movements during operation.

You will appreciate the resin bevel gears and 4 stuffing tubes that allow you to manage the size of the sausages.

Although this stuffer may be a bit expensive, you will realize that the base can be easily mounted to most surfaces.


To Whom is this product meant for?

  • Housewives
  • Chefs
  • Hunters


Features of Hakka Horzontal Sausage Stuffer


Easy tilt and release

The stainless steel cylinder of Hakka Horzontal Sausage Stuffer tilts for convenient filling. It makes your sausage processing simple when it comes to loading and cleaning.

You only have to tilt and pull out to disassemble the stainless steel cylinder. Thus, you will not experience the pain of filling and cleaning this stuffer like in comparable brands.


All metal gears

Hakka Horzontal Sausage Stuffer features resin bevel gears to ensure the stiffing process is efficient.

Cranking out sausages will take you minimum effort with these resin bevel gears. Unlike other sausage stuffers that come with plastic gears that are prone to damage, these gears are built to last.

The gears are mounted on a double threaded steel rod to ensure smooth, easy operation and control over the output of meat into casings.


Air release valve

The piston features a pressure release valve that lets trapped air to escape instead of following into the casings.

The outer side of the piston is surrounded by a rubber gasket to prevent sausages from sleeping through. Hence, you will enjoy quality sausages each time.


Stainless steel frame

Hakka Horzontal Sausage Stuffer features a stainless steel frame to ensure increased stability and durability. The frame locks the meat cylinder into place during the processing.

Thus, the meat cylinder will not move sideways or even fall during operation. The frame also enhances the stability of the unit and aligns the piston inside the cylinder to minimize O-ring friction.


Adaptable base

The base of Hakka Horzontal Sausage Stuffer features stainless steel construction which makes it durable.

You will realize that the base can be mounted to most surfaces such as a table, counter top and more without any hassle. The base is also sturdy and supports the entire stuffer perfectly.



  • Filling this stuffer is simple
  • Cleaning the cylinder and nozzles is easy
  • Stainless steel ensures durability
  • Resin bevel gears ensure great meat cranking


  • Relatively expensive
  • The horizontal design may not be suitable for some surfaces


Frequently asked questions


Are the nozzles made of plastic or metal?
Stainless steel.
What are the sizes of the base of the stuffing tubes?
About 18cm.
Does the cylinder tilt out for loading and cleaning?
Yes, it does.


Final Verdict

If you want a sausage stuffer that can mount to numerous surfaces, the Hakka Horzontal Sausage Stuffer is a good choice.

This stuffer features a stainless steel base that can mount to several surfaces.

It features a tilting cylinder to make the filling and cleaning simple. Resin bevel gears allow you to crank sausages with less effort while the air release valve lets trapped air escape for quality stuffing.

Four different stuffing tubes and two fill rates system enables you to process custom sausages.

You will find Hakka Horzontal Sausage Stuffer helpful in the kitchen specifically that it meets the SGS food hygiene standard.


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