Chocolate Gelato Recipe Options That People Must Try

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Chocolate is definitely one of the most popular gelato flavors these days. If you look back on the long history of chocolate and gelato.

You will be amazed at how an ancient delicacy and a renaissance culinary invention were able to find their way together.

The intoxicating flavor of chocolate blends perfectly with the milky goodness of gelato, creating a frozen dessert that will simply blow your mind away.

It is no longer surprising why chocolate gelato recipe became very popular.


The Rise Of Chocolate Gelato

The origins of chocolate could be traced back to the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations, which made its way in the western civilization through the overseas explorations of European countries.

Gelato came a little later during the Renaissance period in Italy. This innovative frozen dessert is quite popular among the European nobilities.

Although Bernardo Buontalenti is considered as its inventor, it was Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli who was credited for popularizing gelato. In his restaurant in Paris, gelatos were served to social elites who frequently dine in the restaurant.

The creation of chocolate gelato recipe is bound to happen because by the time gelato become a popular dessert among aristocrats, chocolate is already a favorite.

These days, it would be impossible to find a gelateria or a brand of commercialized gelato that doesn’t offer the chocolate flavor.


The Happiness That Chocolate Brings

A well-executed chocolate gelato recipe will certainly bring a smile to anyone who eats it. The most obvious reason why is the fact that chocolate has this amazing taste that is familiar but distinct.

Everything about it, including its smell and the way it feels in your mouth as you’re nibbling on it, will surely entice anyone.

Chocolate is also rich in resveratrol, which is known to increase serotonin and endorphin levels in the blood.

As a result, you will feel elated and energetic. A serving of chocolate gelato is definitely a great reward after a long and tiring day.

There are so many chocolate gelato recipe variations that you can try. The plain milk chocolate is already incredible, but you can actually experiment with different varieties and combinations.

Listed below are some of the recipes that you should consider making next time you make gelato at home.


Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato Recipe

The flavor of roasted nuts really compliments the taste of chocolate that is why adding nuts in your chocolate gelato recipe is a very good idea. Hazelnut is considered by many as the best partner of chocolate.

This is specifically called Gelato di Gianduia and is considered a classic and all-time favorite chocolate gelato recipe. Aside from the ones that you use in the mixture, you can also add some for toppings when you serve it.


Dark Chocolate Gelato Recipe

Some chocolate gelato lovers prefer the bitter-sweet flavor of dark chocolates. In fact, dark chocolates are considered healthier than other varieties.

This is because it has a higher concentration of cacao, which means that it has more fiber, iron, and antioxidants. Its antioxidant level is even higher compared to milk.

This is also preferred by chocolate lovers who need to limit their sugar intake for whatever reasons because its sugar content is quite low. This chocolate gelato recipe is a healthy and guilt-free snack.


Chocolate Cinnamon Recipe

Cinnamon can really enhance the richness of the chocolate flavor. Basically, you just have to add it in your base mixture. If you want the flavor to be more intense, it is recommended that you use the Vietnamese grounded cinnamon.

If this is your first time to try this chocolate gelato recipe, it would be wiser to use ordinary cinnamon. Of course, you have to use dark chocolate for you to get the best result.


Mint Chocolate Gelato Recipe

This is perfect during a terribly hot day. The addition of mint in the mix will give your chocolate gelato recipe an extra coolness.

It is recommended that you use dark chocolate for this recipe so that you will get a balance of flavors. This is another classic flavor that is offered by several commercialized brands of gelato.

However, making this one at home is a wiser move if you want your mint chocolate gelato to have that authentic taste.

In order to experience the flavor of mint to the fullest, it is recommended that use real peppermint leaves. Mint flavor extracts are available, but the quality of gelato would be less impressive.


White Chocolate Recipe

Some may argue that white chocolate is not really a chocolate, but who cares? It’s creamy, delicious, and most of your friends acknowledged it as a bona fide chocolate.

Its taste slightly resembles milk that is why using it gives you more flexibility. You can combine it with berries and other fruits.


Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Never limit yourself to the recipes suggested in this article or in any other site. Chocolate is very versatile as a flavor that is why you should try combining it with other flavors.

If you think that the tangy flavor of lemon squeeze would be great with chocolate, then by all means, go ahead and give it a try.

Gelatos that are sold commercially are very limiting in terms of flavor that is why it is best that you learn how to make homemade chocolate gelato recipes. That way, you can make any gelato flavors that come to mind.


Invest In Premium Chocolate

Keep in mind that not all chocolates are created equal. They vary in terms of quality and texture. It is best that you use premium chocolate no matter what chocolate gelato recipe you are planning to make.

That way, you can guarantee that your gelato will have that smooth taste and rich texture that you love about chocolate. The cost is slightly higher, but it’s worth it.

Chocolate flavored gelatos have always been a popular choice among gelato lovers, and it always will be. It would be great if you leave your comments.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or additional info that could help other people who also want to learn how to make a decadent chocolate gelato recipe.

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