Bbq Tips And Tricks For Smoking A Turkey On The Grill

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Looking for some BBQ tips and tricks for smoking a turkey? You’ve come to the right spot. Turkey isn’t just for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Turkey is common for major household gatherings simply because it feeds countless mouths. I smoke a couple of turkeys each and every summer for family gatherings and usually a single just to have leftovers inside the freezer for sandwiches as there’s by no means very much left.

When I smoke a turkey I generally smoke one for Thanksgiving as also, nonetheless, it does take a lot longer due to the cold.


Start with the Bird

Commence with a totally thawed turkey. Don’t try and thaw it inside the smoker. Remove the neck as well as the giblets. Rinse the chicken inside and out with cold water and pat dry with paper towels.

From here you have a decision to make. What sort of taste do you desire? Do you choose to brine the turkey?

Marinate it with your secret mixture? Rub it with garlic and rosemary? Depend on the wood chips for that flavoring?

Considering that we’re discussing smoking, let’s continue to keep it straightforward. I’ll share my personal preparation.

I do not do anything but wash and pat dry. My flavorings come from the smoke from your chips and a number of other things.


The Smoker

I use a tall kettle kind of smoker. It has a firebox in the base which I can access from outside to add charcoal and wood chips if I must.

There’s a middle part that I fill with water for moisture and then a grate on top for the bird. You can also use a charcoal kettle grill with the grill set at it’s highest degree plus a quite low fire.

The disadvantage with this really is that you will need to have to add charcoal more often in smaller amounts since the bird is closer to the fire.


Start Your Fire

Light your charcoal about 30 minutes before that you are likely to start out cooking in order that the fire is going effectively.

You’re ready to add charcoal through the cooking, but it can be difficult to get the fire going without removing the turkey. If you’re applying lighter fluid, be sure it has all burned off before you add the turkey to the grill.


Smoke and Mirrors

My smoker carries a middle area which i add water to. It is possible to replicate this on a kettle grill by moving the charcoal towards the sides and placing a pan under the turkey.

These pans will include moisture and catch drippings. I use this pan to add taste as too. I fill mine with cut up apples and onions and cover them with water.

This adds both moisture and flavor to the cooking. Keep an eye on the pan so the water doesn’t all evaporate.

The smoke taste is created by adding wood chips to the fire itself. It is possible to obtain them commercially. Soak them in accordance with directions and add to the fire.


Leave it Alone

“If you’re looking, it ain’t cooking” Each and every time you lift the lid you let heat out. You worked hard to build the correct temperature as well as the smoke and seasonings.

Now, sit back and relax for a number of hours and read up on other BBQ tips and tricks for the subsequent cookout.

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