Guidelines From Our Experts About Angle Grinder Maintenance

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Maintaining an Angle grinder is a sure way to improve its performance and extend its life. If you have been using your angle grinder for sharpening, grinding, cutting or polishing surfaces, you might have been frustrated by its performance at one time.

Some users end up returning or dumping their angle grinders due to simple faults that can be avoided with proper maintenance.


Angle Grinder Maintenance Guide

These guidelines will help you to extend the keep your tool’s performance at the edge.


  • Clean the tool often

After each task, use a damp cloth to wipe clean the external casing of the tool and the air compressor. You can even get a special towel for this purpose.

Blow compressed air on all components mainly the air vents to remove out dust and debris that might clog the cooling fan. Also, check the motor and bearings for dust and debris.


  • Inspect the carbon brushes occasionally

You should check the carbon brushes occasionally depending on their performance. In case the brushes are worn out, you will need to replace them.

Brushes that are less than 5 mm long require replacement.  Dust is one of the leading factors that cause brushes to wear out prematurely, especially if you are working on abrasive concrete.

After installing the replacement carbon brushes, allow it to run without load for some minutes. Remember to check and remove any dust particles trapped in the brushes to prolong the life.


  • Check the state of the ON/OFF switch

You should make sure the on/off switch is working properly at all times. After using the tool for cutting or grinding wipe off the dust that might have accumulated around the switch.


  • Use the correct attachment

Ensure to use the correct attachment or disc for your angle grinder. Check to confirm if it’s a correct fit. Getting a compatible attachment will improve the tool’s performance.


  • Inspect the power supply cord and auxiliary handle

You should check the power supply cord for any possible breakages or cuts. In case, of any cuts repair it immediately. Next, inspect the auxiliary handle for any cracks.


  • Inspect the gearbox occasionally

Concrete or metal dust might accumulate in the gearbox. Inspect the gearbox for any dust and wipe it off.

In addition, check if the gearbox has enough grease. Sufficient grease prevents friction on the gears making the spindle run smoothly.


  • Solve issues of overheating

In case you experience the issue of overheating, simply reduce the load from the tool. Don’t turn off the tool, let it run at a normal/standard speed to promote cooling.

The motor will also cool down when the angle grinder is running at the usual speed. This process will prevent motor burnout which might cause some parts to melt.


  • Do not apply any pressure on the tool when on load

When using your power tool, don’t apply any pressure on it. Simply hold it tightly on the handle and let it do the work.

Pressing the angle grinder hard might damage it or increase the rate of wear of the disc.

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